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Tamra Judge: “Kelly Seems To Have The Same Exaggeration Gene That Vicki Has”

Tamra Judge is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Tamra Judge talks about Kelly Dodd's sit-down with Heather Dubrow and thinks Vicki Gunvalson likes to twists words around for drama.

Meghan writes:

"It was great to see Shannon and David so relaxed and laughing, not a stress in the world. I can't believe what Vicki said, Shannon is going to make David pay for his mistake and they will end up like her and Donn. She doesn't have to be so negative. Why not wish them well?

They choose to stay together and work things out. No one said it was going to be easy and it's not going to happen overnight. Most people give up and walk away. I'm proud of them.

The Merv Griffin estate is absolutely beautiful. The grounds are huge with a race track, lake, and multiple houses on the property. Vicki really knows how to throw herself a party. 

I was a little bit nervous about going, but wanted to spend time with Vicki and try to move forward. 

Even though I left the sushi party on good terms with Kelly (after she apologized), I was a little uneasy going to palm desert because she insulted all my friends and as much as I want to like Kelly she crosses the line. She loves to imitate people and it's damn funny, but it's not nice. I feel bad for laughing and don't think Heather looks like that all. I'm sorry Heather it was not kind of me to laugh. I did end up telling Kelly that if we wanted to remain friends she needs to stop talking badly about Heather and Shannon and she agreed. With everything that's happened, how was I going to invite her to Glamis? Being in the middle really does blow! I know I know, my big mouth puts me in the middle and I need to know when to shut my mouth. But I don't ever want any of my friends coming back to me saying, "Why didn't you tell me?"

While in the kitchen I told Vicki that I talked to Kelly about my concerns with her going to Glamis. Vicki then asked me, "Is Heather going? That could be a problem." I then explained to her that yes she was going and Heather has some concerns too. I never said that Heather didn't want Kelly to go and she was afraid Kelly would cuss in front of the kids, like Vicki told Kelly. The only reason I even told her Heather had concerns is because Vicki brought it up. 

Then Vicki tells Kelly an exaggerated story about how Heather doesn't want her to go because she will cuss in front of the kids. UGH! Then she says, "Hey, don't shoot the messenger." She should have said, "Don't shoot the exaggerator." That's Vicki being Vicki and twisting words. 

The absolute truth is, both me and Heather were concerned about Kelly going to Glamis because we were bringing our kids (my kids will be the ones with the blurred faces lol). Last thing I wanted was another outburst like the last two in front of children. If they couldn't get past sushi then Kelly was not going to be invited. 

Pool time was a blast. Kelly got initiated by getting thrown in the pool. You hear me say, "You're gonna be pissed." It because the girls had their mic packs on and water ruins them. I jumped up because I felt I was next. Ripped my mic off and Kelly chased me. Damn that girl is strong. 

Dinner with Kelly and Heather was awkward. No one wanted to talk. So I thought I'd break the ice. Yeah, kinda awkward! They seemed to hash things out and I was able to tell Kelly that Vicki totally exaggerated. That's not what was told to her.

Kelly seems to have the same exaggeration gene that Vicki has. She told Heather that Vicki told everyone at her party that Heather didn't want her at Glamis. Um no, that never happened. She told her in the kitchen by herself. 

In the end Kelly apologized and they seemed to be in a better understanding. I hate to see someone cry. I want to believe this is a situation where Kelly started off on the wrong foot. I have seen a kind side to Kelly and want the other girls to see it as well.

See you in Glamis!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo