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Shannon Beador: “Vicki Needs To Focus On Her Own Issues”

Shannon Beador is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Shannon Beador addresses Vicki's comments about her vow renewal and reflects on her second honeymoon.

Shannon writes:

"It's nice to be in another episode where I'm not directly involved in drama!

I like to take my time packing so I do get stressed to make sure I remember everything when under pressure! It was so typical when I was searching the rooms at the Inn at Rancho Santa Fe one last time to find multiple piles of candy wrappers on the floor of my kids' room! They absolutely love staying in hotels!

When watching Vicki's birthday celebration, I was a bit taken aback when Brianna asked why Vicki wasn't invited to my surprise birthday party and vow renewal. It's just a ridiculous question. There is absolutely no reason why David would ever include Vicki in one of the most intimate and important nights of our lives. The last exchange between them at the '70s party did not end well. Neither Vicki nor Kelly should have been a part of it. Vicki said I have "thrown away our friendship". She needs to look at herself because her lies caused the demise of our relationship.

When Vicki tried to analogize her vow renewal to Donn with mine, it was ludicrous. There are no similarities in our marriages whatsoever and I'm not going to go into those details. Vicki planned her own vow renewal. David spent months carefully planning our night and put such thought into every aspect from the date (when we got engaged), the surprise birthday, the venue where we got married, having our children there, and the perfect guest list.

And how dare Vicki say that David is going to pay for the affair for a long time. I have not had an intimate conversation with her in over a year. She knows nothing about what is going through my head or the progress we have made. Vicki needs to focus on her own issues (and not go to her typical deflection) and not worry about mine.
David and I took a video camera to capture glimpses of our second honeymoon to Cabo. It was a bit difficult because we could only really film each other with one person operating the camera. We forgot to pack so many things on the trip! In fact, we forgot our passports and when we got to the airport, David had to race home to get them! And thanks to the very kind staff at Southwest Airlines, we were able to make our flight!

I am happy that you got to see some of the silliness on our trip! David dared me to run towards him like Bo Derek in the movie 10 (if I only looked like her!) and he decided to go into our private pool naked! We laughed the entire time and that's what life is about! David and I had a fantastic trip and it was so nice to get away and relax! Because literally on the flight home, lots of things started spinning in motion and we came home to a complete whirlwind! Stay tuned for that!

Lots happening next week! Unbelievable! Until then..."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo