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Shannon Beador Reacts To Being Called The C-Word By Kelly Dodd: “It Was A Very Vicious Attack”

The claws came out during this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County when Kelly Dodd confronted Shannon Beador at Meghan King Edmonds' dinner parry. However the drama erupted when Dodd called Beador the c-word, leaving her cast members in shock. Now, Shannon is looking back and reacts to Kelly's name-calling in an recent interview with ET.

“I've never been called that word before,” Shannon tells Entertainment Tonight. “So, there's a first time for everything. It was a very vicious attack,” Shannon says of Kelly’s name-calling. “Everyone in the room was shaken up after it. That's all I have to say … I don't know where it comes from. I don't have any explanations.”

The dinner, which leaves Heather in tears, is Shannon and Kelly’s third showdown so far this season. The two first got into a massive screaming match at Shannon’s ‘70s-themed party. That’s where Kelly claims Shannon “set her up” by having a mutual acquaintance bring up Kelly’s one-time separation from her husband, and where Shannon alleged Kelly had an affair. Shannon is adamant it was not a set-up.

“I saw red,” Shannon recalls. “I didn't remember what I was screaming at her. I had to ask people, 'What did I say?' You know, when you're pushed to that level of anger? So, I'm not proud of myself for that at all.”

The pair then met to clear the air at a lunch, but it ended with both women storming off, and the issue unresolved. The drama has played out over a month’s worth of episodes, but it happened much faster in real life.

“All of these things happened in less than a week's period,” Shannon reveals. “I was pretty much done … It was like, round three! Ready for round three!”

As for where Shannon and Kelly go from here, Shannon says viewers will just have to watch.

“I'm always a person that forgives,” she says. “And people will say, 'Oh, but you didn't with Vicki [Gunvalson].' Yes, I did forgive Vicki. I'm just not her close friend anymore … I'm entitled to make that decision for myself, but you'll see that my relationship with Kelly takes some big ups and some big downs.”

Photo Credit: Bravo