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Shannon Beador Opens Up About Her Surprise Birthday Party And Vow Renewal!

Shannon Beador is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Shannon Beador opens about the "MOST AMAZING surprise" she has ever had in her life thanks to David Beador.

Shannon writes:

"I apologize for not submitting a blog last week about such a crazy episode! I was on vacation with my family in Hawaii and needed a bit of a break from the hoopla.

To quickly address the previous episode, Kelly continually makes references that my "lies" will be revisited at the reunion because she continues to believe that I set her up at my '70s party. I can't wait to see the "evidence" she thinks she has because there isn't any. I didn't set Kelly up and didn't know she had previously met Jaci and Nina. Enough already. I don't lie and I'm certainly not going to start now over such a trivial thing.

Here we go again at Dr. Tim's with Tamra and Meghan. I'm not holding onto feelings. For the millionth time, I have forgiven Vicki. I don't want to be close to her anymore. Forgiving does not mean you need to be good friends. As I have continually said, the other women are big girls and can make their own choices. If they want to pursue friendships with Vicki, I respect their decisions. I just choose not to go there based on my personal history. I am entitled to do that.

Kelly's behavior at Meghan's sushi party was ridiculous. The last time I saw her, she said she wanted to move forward and now she is saying that she has to restrain herself from slapping me in the face! Wow! I can honestly say I have never heard anyone say they are college educated and a millionaire multiple times. To me, that shows incredible insecurity. Most people in the room teared up after Kelly's attack towards Tamra and I. I have never in my life been called the C-word. I guess there's a first time for everything. The night was just so vicious.  

And now to the current the MOST AMAZING surprise that I have ever had in my life! I have watched the episode a few times now, and each time, I tear up even more. They are all happy tears! I never thought I could be this loved and this happy with my husband and family! Two years ago I would have told anyone they were crazy if they suggested that David would surprise me with a birthday party and vow renewal! It is all a testament to the love and work that we all have put into our family and our marriage! I am here to say IT CAN HAPPEN!!!

My birthday is a significant day for David and I. On March 24, 1999, David proposed to me — and I knew it was going to happen because the jewelry store left a message that the engagement ring was ready for pick-up! We got married in Rancho Santa Fe where I grew up and the fact the David chose the same venue of our wedding for the surprise vow renewal was even more touching! The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe is just a slice of heaven in North County San Diego. It is one of the most beautiful, peaceful, and romantic hotels I have ever stayed in!

I can honestly say I have never seen David so flustered and nervous! And now I understand why! To plan such an extravagant event and keep it all secret was amazing! None of the guests knew that there was going to be a vow renewal, they all thought it was a surprise birthday party only! All of my best friends were there! And the fact that David took the time to carefully include all of the important people in my life is so touching! 

No one has ever thrown a surprise party for me. And to know that each person made the effort to drive such a long way on a week night was astounding! My very close friend Jeff Lewis and I share the same birthday and I was blown away that he chose to celebrate his own birthday with me! (And also that he was open to Jenni, Gage, and him taking just a minute off of work!!) I am happy that you got to see how silly we are together! We are always joking and laughing!

I am so grateful that Eric Heard, the Pastor of Stewardship and Marriage Ministry at Mariner's Church was able to officiate the vow renewal. He has been with David and I from day one of our two year journey. We definitely would not be where we are today without his guidance!

I wanted to freeze time on this very special night! So much happened in just a two hour period! I just wanted to soak it all up! I am so blessed that my children were able to witness the love that their father and I have for each other. They told me that they were fighting back tears of happiness the entire night! They finally broke down and cried when we watched the episode together! I am so grateful that one of the most incredible nights of my life was captured on film and that we all can watch it over and over again!

I am so excited for my short but incredible second honeymoon to Cabo San Lucas! You will see some home videos of our trip next week!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo