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Sandra Vidal And Victoria Del Rosal Get In Violent Fight While Filming New Season Of ‘Rica Famosa Latina’ — Watch It Here!

The cast of Rica Famosa Latina made headlines last week as two of the show's cast members, Sandra Vidal and Victoria del Rosal were involved in a violent fight while filming the show's fourth season. The fight got so intense that the injuries included broken champagne glasses, deep cuts, bruises and major bump in the head. It got so bad that even police and paramedics had to be called in.

The incident occurred over a week ago and apparently it was over a dress but I'm sure there's more to the story because the two reality stars have been feuding since last season. It's been reported that a broken glass caused a few cuts into del Rosal's chest, neck and face while Vidal suffered a massive swollen bump in the head.

It's still unclear on what really went down, as the two ladies ladies are giving their own versions to the incident. Allegedly, it's been reported that Victoria is accusing Sandra of trying to hurt her, while Sandra claims that she was only defending herself, saying that Victoria attacked her first.

This is not the first time these two have attacked each other physically. During the show's third season, del Rosal thew a bowl of beans at Vidal which she fired back by smacking her down to the ground. Then, during the show's third reunion special, del Rosal went after Vidal and pulled out some of Vidal's hair extensions.

Since removed from social media, Victoria shared her side of the story on that unfortunate night. (Luckily it was recovered by La Opinion)

"This is me last night leaving ER (Emergency) UCLA Westwood Hospital at 3:00 am on August 12. I ended up there after making a call to 911 and reported attempted murder by Sandra Vidal , who flouted completely what was asked for purposes of the show, after she threw the liquid in her glass of wine into my eyes and then broke her glass on the left side of my face and continued cutting into three very deep cuts my neck, almost reaching the jugular, to the last cut in the chest ... paramedics in the ambulance mentioned that if the cut had reached some millimeters,s he would have cut the jugular artery and I would not have been able to write the story I'm telling you. "

Watch the uncensored footage of what went down after the fight below

Niurka Marcos, on of the cast member of Rica, Famosa, Latina shared her thoughts on the fight during an appearance on En Vivo (a celebrity gossip show on Estrella TV) and blames both Sandra and Victoria for allowing their feud to spiral out of control. Niurka defends the show's producers and Estrella TV network, making it clear that no one is ever told what to do and the only people responsible for this unfortunate situation are both: Sandra Vidal and Victoria del Rosal.

Meanwhile, Sissi Fleitas and Luzelba Mansour are defending Vidal, claiming that Victoria was the one who started the whole incident.

"Sandra did not attack Victoria with a glass, on the contrary , Victoria attacked Sandra with a broken glass and Sandra was left with a horrible bump in her head," Luzelba told La Opinion. She also doubts that Sandra attacked Victoria viciously and says that everyone shouldn't believe everything they read on the press. Luzelba ends it saying they are both to blame because Sandra's mouth always gets her in trouble but accuses Victoria of having violent tendencies.

As for Sissi Fleitas, she revealed that she can't get the image out of her head of Victoria punching on Sandra's head with a glass of champagne, causing the glass to break which was the cause of Victoria's injures, as we see in the photo above. (See Sissi tell all below after minute 9:00)

A few days ago Victoria broke her silence and denies that the fight was ever over a dress, claiming that she was provoked and deeply regrets how it all went down and hopes that can people learn something from this unfortunate situation just like she has.

As for Vidal, she has been advised by her lawyer not comment on the situation at this time since legal matters are underway. We reached out to Estrella TV for comment, check it out below:

“First and foremost, at Estrella TV, the safety and well being of our talent and crew members is our #1 priority. We are disappointed by the events that occurred on Thursday, August 11th between two cast members of our highly rated Rica Famosa Latina show on location in Culver City. Our production team and crew members intervened immediately after the altercation began. This type of behavior is not condoned nor encouraged by Estrella TV.”

In case you were living under a rock, former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Joyce Giraud along with her husband Michael Ohoven created their very own reality show in Spanish after exiting the Bravo hit reality show.

As you noticed, the show is inspired by the Real Housewives franchise - the only difference is that the show is in Spanish and the show airs Monday through Thursdays (weeknights), making each season over 30 episodes.

Giraud doesn't appear on the show - she and her husband are the creators and executive producers of the successful latin hit reality series. Rica, Famosa, Latina translates to Rich, Famous, Latina!

The show focuses on the lives of successful and famous latin women living in Los Angeles, where the glamour and the drama collide. Think RHONJ meets RHOBH.

Returning to Season 4 are Andrea Garcia, Luzelba Mansour, Mayeli Rivera, Niurka Marcos, Sandra Vidal, Sissi Fleitas and Victoria del Rosal.

You can watch full episodes of Rica Famosa Latina via Hulu or you can stream them directly via Estrella TV's official website HERE!

Rica Famosa Latina Season 4 premieres on Tuesday, September 6 at 7:00pm on Estrella TV.

Photo Credit: Estrella TV