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RHONY Recap: Tomfoolery [Episode 19]

by: Sam Allan

Personally after the cliffhanger of the last episode and then waiting 2 weeks I feel like this episode has been one of the most highly anticipated - and I am so ready!

Okay so we started were we left off with Bethenny telling Ramona and Carole about the pics of Tom with some girl. Mmm we see you Tom. Bethenny says its not a matter of if she tells Luann but when. Dammnnnnn. The girls were getting dinner in Miami and Bethenny, Ramona and Sonja were all waiting for the other ladies to get there for like two hours! However it gave the girls sometime to discuss Luann and Tom because Ramona told Sonja. HA! I really like these three together, I think they are all funny in different ways and its just a good dynamic to watch. Anyway Sonja only slept with Tom, two weeks before he got with Luann, AND Luann was living with her at the time. OH MY GOD! Oh and Sonja poops when she's nervous, so funny. Anyway the rest of the girls turned up late, Bethenny was pissed and Dorinda got drunk and started speaking her own language, so silly chile!

After the dinner Carole, Ramona, Jules, Dorinda and Luann all went out to have some fun and Jules straddled a trumpet? Mmm. Luann and Dorinda said that they miss Tom and John but Jules does not miss Michael, HA! I am glad she left him chile, he was like Kelly Dodd would say: a c*nt. So Ramona left and I think we all know what she did *wink, wink*. Mmm you get that Miss Singer! Over at the hotel Bethenny and Sonja were still talking about Tom. Sonja said Bethenny should talk to Tom and then Bethenny called him!! I was so ready, but then it went to voicemail - mmm we see you again Tom!

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Photo Credit: Bravo