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RHONJ Recap: Spa-Cation [Episode 7]

by: Sam Allan

To be honest, I have been a little bored with Jersey this season. Don't get me wrong I think its one of the best casts we've had and the real drama hasn't started yet, but as I said last week I just get this really sad vibe, chile.

The girls were going on a spa retreat to celebrate Teresa's ankle bracelet coming off? HA, only in Jersey! In the car rides over their was clear beef between Teresa and Jacqueline - who decided to drive in seperate cars. At this point I feel like both women are just done with each others friendship but just want to keep their jobs at Bravo! Anyway the girls got to the spa and Tre low-key said she wanted to push Jac down the stairs, lol. If I'm being real, I would rather see Teresa and Jacqueline being friends rather an fighting like I am too invested in this friendship to turn back now!

The ladies went out for dinner which I think will go on to be known as 'The Survivor Dinner'. All the women have been through financial stress. Jacqueline suffered the consequences of having a startup business, Melissa has issues when she was building her house, Siggy's new husband had no money when they got together, Dolores relies on her ex husband too much and Teresa, well we know what happened to Tre! The girls then had wine next to the fire and what interested me was that Dolores grew up in the same kind of family as Teresa, where you wouldn't talk about your feelings, aw. Jac also started crying about what Tre's daughter Audriana had to go through because she's the same Nicholas, remember?

Anyway the girls when back to the suite and prank called Juicy Joe (which made last weeks promo very miss leading) and played beer pong - that's a great combo! The girls woke up the next day and talked about missing events in their kids lives and Jacqueline cried AGAIN about how Nicholas probably won't have the same childhood and all the girls including Teresa were there for her, aw.

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Photo Credit: Bravo