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RHONJ Recap: Dinner Interrupted [Episode 5]

by: Sam Allan

After the first week of the Summer Olympics in Rio, Good Tea is back and so are the Housewives. This week in Jersey we started with Melissa inviting Teresa and Milania (who is my personally favourite Giudice daughter) to watch her kids in New York Fashion Week.

We learnt more about Dolores and her cute family, I really want her and her ex Frank to get together. Her dog is sick and she's opening her own gym (cue Tamra Judge flashback). Dolores says she's opening her own gym so she doesnt have to rely on Frank and she can become more independent. Damn she is so cute! And her son Frankie is ripped - just letting you know.

Melissa kids were in NYFW and she took them shopping for clothes and damn it was so cute. Her and Joe Gorga also dished about their new relationship with Teresa. Mmm, personally I think this relationship will last because Teresa and Jacqueline aren't good, Tre barley knows Siggy and Dolores gets along with everyone so strategically Teresa needs Melissa. Also they are family so thats good too and the Teresa vs Melissa beef is so old at this point, I mean Jersey needs so new storylines.

I just need to say it - Siggy Flicker is my favourite new housewife of this year. Yep, move over Erika, Jules, Kelly and Dolores my new fav is Siggy. I feel like she's the breathe of fresh air that Jersey has needed, and she's funny too! She's strict with her daughter but in a good way and damn it was so funny to watch them in the car! So Siggy took her son and daughters phones away and took them out for lunch and they kinda gave her an intervention. They talked about how she doesnt listen and she always interrupts and Siggy cried (aw) but hey family is so cute! And I know that she's not with her kids dad, but we have seen her new husband yet. Maybe he doesnt want to be on the show? Or maybe he's just busy, I don't know but time will tell, chile.

So we finally saw what all the promos are showing us: the Teresa vs Jacqueline fight. Joe and Teresa were leaving and Milania was in a fat suit - she's my spirit animal! I assume Gia was looking after the kids? Mm, I don't know. The Giudice went over to Lauritas and everyone was smiling and happy, Teresa saw CJ and Nicholas. Did anyone else think back to when Teresa would say Nicholas and Audriana were boyfriend/ girlfriend? Ahh, the memories

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Photo Credit: Bravo