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RHOC Recap: Woo Hoo Weekend [Episode 9]

by: Sam Allan

After last weeks super cute episode with Shannon and David's vowel renewal, they headed to Cabo! And did you know that she could speak Spanish? Meghan was packing for the dessert and damn her husband is starting to annoy me. He obviously doesn't care about his possible baby and he's always in a bad mood! So apparently they have a house in the desert? What's up with everyone going away?

So the OG of the OC threw her birthday party for an entire weekend in an amazing mansion in the desert in Merv Griffins Estate. Who's Merv Griffin? Tamra, Kelly and Briana were all there. Tamra and Briana are so cute together and I loved their low-key shade about Vicki's choice in men (aka Brooks). Vicki just jumps from one relationship to the next and I think she just needs to wait a minute and be single and maybe slut it up a bit. Briana also has her hands full with two toddlers so her and Tamra bonded over that. Kelly and Vicki talked about how they weren't invited to Shannon's by I understand because it wasn't a Housewives thing, it was a friend thing and even off camera Shannon is still close with the other women.

Back in the OC, Heather and Terry went on their date night. Of course the over used storyline of Terry working too much had to come up but now its because one of his kids is sending him photos of empty chairs. HA! That makes me laugh, chile. He's trying to fix it and spend more time at home but eh, he's said that a lot. And a new show Botched by Nature is on E! now so I don't think he slowed down....

Over in the desert Tamra told Kelly about how Heather said she doesn't want to be around Kelly or have or kids around her. URG another game of telephone conducted by Tamra, It's season 9 all over again (Flashback: YOU WILL ALL SEE THE TRUTH!). Kelly impersonated Mrs. Dubrow again and Tamra laughed - just thought I'd put it out there. Tamra said she wants to like Kelly but she makes it so hard and as it turns out Kelly actually send Heather an apology text however Heather didn't reply because Tamra told her about the impersonation after sushi #telephone. Anyway Vicki, Kelly, Tamra and Briana all sat down for dinner and Vicki's son Michael showed up and Vicki surprised Briana with bringing her husband to the desert, aww so cute. I never thought that those two would last this long and I'm happy they have.

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