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RHOC Recap: Something's Fishy [Episode 7]

by: Sam Allan

This season of Orange County has been one of my favourites! We started off with Kelly going over to Tamra's house to talk about the upcoming party. I feel like Kelly is the old Tamra, you know who would scream out mean things and be good reality TV. Now I feel like ever since Tamra became a christian and went through season 9 where she messed up with everyone she's become nice? Which I'm sure is good for her and her family but its not so good for me watching about home with my popcorn. Well I guess thats why they brought in Kelly Dodd. Anyway, basically they dished about Shannon and Tamra told Kelly that Shannon's friend Nina said that she sucks dick for money - damnnn.

Briana is renovating and Vicki just wants a man that she can travel with and have sex with. Don maybe? Mmm as long as its not Brooks I'm okay with it. Also Meghan is still one of my least favourite housewives of all time, that includes Claudia Jordon from Atlanta. Mmm we see you! So basically Meghan told Tamra to invite Vicki, so Tamra invited Vicki, then Meghan told her she didnt want Vicki? What?! Even Tamra was over it.

Heather is "working" and she found a work/family balance, blah blah blah. I mean I like Heather Dubrow but she's had the same storyline for a while now. Shannon referred Meghan and Tamra to a holistic doctor at a gym? So after the guy cracked their necks or whatever Tamra like semi roasted Meghan and Shannon. YES! Meghan was still being annoying about inviting Vicki and Shannon was pissed that everyone is getting over their stuff with Vicki, then Tamra clapped back and put them in their places. Damn is Tamra the peacemaker?

Well Thelma and Louise (Vicki and Kelly) had dinner together and chile it was funny! Vicki couldn't open the door, their was a bedazzled wine opener and they talked shit about Shannon. Kelly said she wants to sue Nina about the sucking dick comment and Vicki said well she's Shannon's friend with a big smile. HA! We see you Mrs. Gunvalson! And Vicki said that she thinks David Beador would hit her? Damn okay. Also Shannon called Tamra about the suing thing and got pissed that Tamra didn't defend her. Mmm I feel like their may be low-key beef there with those two.

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