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RHOC Recap: Frenemies Of The State [Episode 6]

by: Sam Allan

This weeks episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County was, mmm lukewarm. Well after such a full on episode last week it was bound to slow down this week!

We started off with Meghan doing her IVF treatment. Her mom was there in Jimmy's place and she loves drugs? Mmm okay. Also her doctor was Shannon's friend Nina's ex husband? The OC is a small world. Then everyone was dishing about the crazy 70s fight! Vicki and Tamra, Shannon and David and Kelly and Michael all said their views on the other night. Kelly thinks Shannon 100% set her up and Shannon is embarrassed that Kelly said such horrible things at her party. Mmm, I see a feud brewing! In my opinion I don't think Shannon planned it, I think the producers did!

Meghan and Heather went to Washington D.C. so Meghan could give her speech on colon cancer. Her husbands ex wife died from it and Heathers grandma also died from the disease. Her speech was very emotional chile. While they were gone Shannon saw Dr. Moon and Tamra practising for her body builder contest. Yas girl you get that! Damn it was funny watching her walk in those heels! Personally I feel like Tamra isn't bringing it to the show this season with her faith and fitness being her main storyline, but time will tell chile.

Kelly had dinner with her family and bitched again about the other night. Her mom told her to be nice to Shannon and Kelly said that karma is a bitch. HA! We see you Shannon's tagline! Vicki and Tamra caught up again because Briana was  looking at her new home - that Vicki bought. However Briana will have to pay her back, lol. I actually really like Tamra and Briana together, they are like the two semi sane people in Vicki's life! And damn, Briana's son Troy locked himself in the car. So silly!

Meghan and Heather called Tamra from Washington and the three of them dished about the 70s party. Meghan said her and Vicki had some weird nice moment at the party? Mm okay. Meghan said that her and kicked were like USA and USSR, they hate each other but they hate nuclear weapons more. Does that mean Brooks is a nuclear weapon? HA! Meghan also gave us some tea about what she heard the other night. Apparently before the explosion happened Shannon was running around looking for Nina and Jaci. Mmm, so shady Mrs Beador, so so shady!

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