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Ramona Singer Thinks Luann de Lesseps Forgave Her Fiancé Tom Too Fast; Says It Took Her Two Weeks To Recover From RHONY Season 8 Reunion!

In the season 8 finale of The Real Housewives of New York City, Bethenny Frankel shared that she had photos showing Luann de Lesseps' fiancé Thomas D'Agostino Jr. kissing another woman in public. Regardless, the Countess decided to give her fiancé another chance, however her co-star Ramona Singer thinks de Lesseps forgave too much too fast.

“I think she should have given him the cold shoulder longer than one night,” she tells Entertainment Tonight. “In fact, I don't think she even gave him the cold shoulder one night.” Singer was a major part of de Lesseps and D’Agostino’s storyline this season; both she and Sonja Morgan said they’d been romantically involved with D’Agostino in the past, and claimed he wasn’t being honest with de Lesseps about the nature of the relationships.

“I said this to Luann on the reunion… this is with anybody in life… if someone can't tell the truth, that's a red flag,” she says. “If he couldn't tell the truth about his relationships with Sonya and me, that's a red flag and that makes me nervous. That makes me nervous for Luann... I just find it beyond baffling that he couldn't tell the truth about his relationships.”

Singer says D’Agostino lied to de Lesseps about how many times he went out on dates with Singer – and she just doesn’t understand why. She says she had discussions with de Lesseps during the season that viewers didn’t see. “I said to Luann, ‘I want you to know, they are asking me the question when I get into the interview chair, like, how many times did you date Tom?’” she says. “I said, ‘I want you to know I said six times,’ and she said, ‘Why did you lie? It was only once.’”

“I am not lying,” she continues. “He lied to her and I don't understand why. There is no reason to lie.”

De Lesseps is standing by her man. “I'm not going to let a silly kiss ruin the rest of our lives,” she says. “This is the most exciting time of my life, getting married again after all this time. I am thrilled. I am not going to let what has happened on the show ruin the most exciting time of my life.”

Singer teases drama of the upcoming three-part reunion special, calling it the most intense and dramatic reunion yet.

“There were so many bombshells [at the reunion], my head was spinning. It took me two weeks to recover,” she tells Entertainment Tonight.

Singer says the cast arrived at 6 a.m. and didn’t wrap until 9:30 p.m., with just a one-hour break during the “grueling” day.

Bethenny Frankel had a fever that day, but Singer says that didn’t stop her from bringing the heat. “For not feeling well, she really went off the rails,” Singer says. Frankel tells ET this was her most difficult reunion ever for the show. “I didn’t enjoy it at all,” she says. “Last year, we all went to dinner afterwards. This year ended differently.”

Photo Credit: Bravo