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Peggy Tanous Opens Up About Her Friendship With Taylor Armstrong!

Former Real Housewives of Orange County star Peggy Tanous is opening up about her close friendship with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Taylor Armstrong. The two first met at a party for the Upfronts while they were still on their respective series and quickly formed a friendship after that.

The former RHOC star says that the two kept in touch by phone and grew so close that Taylor asked Peggy to attend her husband Russell Armstrong's funeral back in 2011. "I said, of course, I'd be there to support her," Peggy told The Daily Dish earlier this summer.

Since then, they have remained friends, and Peggy has gotten to know Taylor's current husband, John Bluher, who she said is a "very, very nice man." John, Taylor, and her daughter Kennedy also came out to support Peggy when she took the stage during last year's Orange County Christmas Extravaganza. "They're living on the beach right now. We've talked about doing a beach playdate because Kennedy and the girls [Peggy's daughters London and Capri] are around the same age, and they all got along really well at the Christmas special," Peggy said. "But now we've both just been really busy, so we haven't touched base lately."

But when Peggy and Taylor get together, they always have an amazing time. "She's funny. I don't know if other people see that, but she's really funny. We kind of both have that quirky, anything goes," Peggy said of her favorite thing about Taylor. "And she's a lot of fun. If you wanted to go have a drink or hey, I've got to take some steam off, she's a good person to call for that."

And Peggy and Taylor don't just think alike. "People have said, when Taylor and I are together, 'Oh, you guys kind of look alike,'" Peggy noted. "People always [think] I'm a Beverly Hills Housewife."

Peggy said she is proud of how far Taylor and her family have come since her time on RHOBH. "She's a good mom. Kennedy's a great little girl, and they've had to overcome a lot of problems with everything that they've gone through," she said. "Luckily for her, they're in a great place now. I think mentally, they're in a great place and she has an amazing husband now and they have a great house. They're really happy, so I think that's important, and I'm really happy to see that she's gotten kind of a second chance for everything, which is great."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo