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Kyle Richards Breaks Down During An Emotional Psychic Reading With Hollywood Medium's Tyler Henry — Watch It Here!

Kyle Richards is connecting with her late mom Kathleen for the first time since she passed away in 2002. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star sat down for a psychic reading with Hollywood Medium's Tyler Henry, and received important messages about her family members from her late mother.  Check it out below!

During Kyle's meeting with Tyler, Kathleen, who passed away from breast cancer says that Kyle shouldn't "worry" about other females in their family dealing with the same issue.

"The feeling with this is like, 'I dealt with this but I don't think other women in the family are gonna deal with this issue to the extent that I dealt with it,'" Tyler explains.

Kathleen then talks about Kyle's sister Kim Richards, who's been through a lot these past couple years due to sobriety issues.

"She's not wanting you to feel like when she passed away that it was your responsibility to take care of your sister," Tyler tells Kyle. "And that's the number one thing I could possibly say that I feel like you need to hear. The way that it comes across is like, know regardless what she would've encouraged in life she's coming through and saying like, 'I know the depth of the situation."

Tyler continues, "She understands your sister more because she understands herself more. And she understands your sister's psychology a little bit more now that your mom's been able to go through a transition and understand some elements of her life and the things that she dealt with. So that's a burden that she wants you to be able to let go of and not feel like you to have to you know hold on to in any way."

Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry Season 2 premieres this Wednesday, August 10 at 8pm/7c only on E!

Source/Photo Credit: E! News