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Kelly Dodd Regrets Calling Shannon Beador The C-Word!

Kelly Dodd shocked her castmates when she called Shannon Beador the c-word in Monday's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. In an exclusive interview with Bravo, the newbie weighs in her explosive outburst and admits she regrets how she behaved that day.

Dodd revealed that she wasn't all that bothered when she initially found out about Shannon's friend Nina's comments at the '70s party. But her husband Michael Dodd and friend Vicki Gunvalson saw the situation differently, telling Kelly that regardless of the fact that she was never a prostitute, people might still think it's true if the rumor gets out there.

"It got me really angry," Kelly told The Daily Dish (see clip below). "I'm thinking to myself, 'OK, how could I ever be a prostitute? I got married when I was 25 to my first husband. I went to college. I worked for Gannett newspapers. Like, how could this ever happen to me, because I've worked my whole life and had a professional job. And how could this ever happen for someone to say something so cruel when I have a daughter out there, and it's vicious lies, and my integrity is getting ruined."

Kelly said she was most concerned about how the rumor would affect her 9-year-old daughter Jolie. "I really got angry because I thought about my daughter and if my daughter hears something so disgusting like that," she said. "And I was so upset [about] Shannon bringing this woman to this party that I just [blew] a gasket. I just [blew] a gasket."

Kelly said she also didn't understand why Heather Dubrow asked her to leave the restaurant. "The lady's not gonna tell me what to do," Kelly said. "She's not above me."

Now looking back at how chaotic the night got, does Kelly admits that she regrets calling Shannon Beador names. "Yes, of course. In hindsight, I'm like, 'Why did I say that?' I shouldn't have said something like that. It makes me look bad," Kelly explained. "But I said it out of anger and frustration and it was the first thing that comes out of my mouth, and I didn't think first before saying it, so I regret saying that to her, yes."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo