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Kelly Dodd Dishes On Her Fight With Shannon Beador And Reacts To Her Comments On David Beador's Affair!

Shannon Beador's 70's party turned into a screaming match after she got into a fight with Kelly Dodd during last week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. A bomb was dropped, including everyone's jaws when Kelly told David Beador, "No wonder you cheated on your wife."

Now looking back at the heated moment, Kelly refelcts on her fight with the Beadors and explains why she doesn't regret her comment about David's affair. "No, I don't regret saying that, because I see the way she is and the way she behaves and the way she holds onto grudges. Her husband obviously cheated on her for a reason, and she has to own it," Kelly told The Daily Dish. "I meant it."

Kelly said she believes her comments about David's affair motivated Shannon to then bring up rumors that she had cheated on her husband Michael Dodd. "Well, of course, I mean, I hit a soft spot, I hit a trigger point, and she came out ablazing," she explained. "I felt like I was getting poked at, and I came ablazing."

Shannon's accusations similarly caught Kelly off-guard. "I was like, who and why and where and how did you hear this? I'm an open book. I'll tell you exactly what you need to know. Where exactly are you getting this information from, and why are you talking about me, really? Like, why is she sitting at her party and egging these girls on to talk about me? It's ridiculous," she said. "It just felt like she was manipulating everything and making herself look better and feel better and me look like a piece of crap. So was I mad? Yes."

Kelly said she still feels that Shannon set her up by inviting their mutual acquaintance Jaci and Shannon's friend Nina to the party. "I don't really understand why she did it. She did it, and it was blatantly clear that she set me up, and everybody would agree that she did," Kelly said.

Though Kelly may still not be on the friendliest of terms with Shannon, she said she does regret calling her castmate "ugly" at the soiree. "Would I do things differently? Yeah, some things. Would I have called her ugly? She's not ugly, but I thought the inside of her was ugly," Kelly explained. "That didn't come out so well, because I was mad."

Who's side are you in? Are you #TeamShannon or #TeamKelly? Sound off in the comment section below!

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo