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Caroline Manzo’s Husband Albert Owes More Money — Full Details Here!

Caroline Manzo's husband is facing more money problems. According to a new report, Albert Manzo must pay $6,132 to Frank and Son Dynamic Elevator Services Inc. on behalf of The Brownstone.

A clerk from the Superior Count Special Civil Part in Passaic County, New Jersey confirmed to Radar Online that the case against the Brownstone House defaulted on July 25, 2016.

The elevator company was granted the automatic default after the Brownstone failed to file an answer to the complaint filed on June 9, 2016.

They have six months to file for a default judgment to obtain their money. The clerk confirmed that the company has not filed yet.

The site previously reported that the Manzo'd With Children husband, 56, already owes $208,012.77 in state taxes for the family business. They must also pay $13,075 to an accounting firm that worked with the Brownstone.

Meanwhile, the Manzo family are currently happy redoing their home just before the season premiere of Manzo’d With Children.

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