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Bethenny Frankel On RHONY Season 8 Reunion: “It Was Bad”

Bethenny Frankel is sharing details about the upcoming Real Housewives of New York City Season 8 reunion special. The skinnygirl mogul spilled all the tea during a recent taping of her SiriusXM show B Real with Bethenny, calling it "disgusting" and accusing co-star LuAnn de Lesseps of making up a defamatory story against her.

"This was bad, she said, explaining that she felt drained for a week after. "I've never had anyone accuse me of anything like that. It was bad. We can't get into what it was, but it was bad."

"That whore comment that I retracted? I may have had it engraved on LuAnn's ass," she continued. "We didn't go in the right direction, let's just put it that way."

Frankel's guest – fellow Housewife Carole Radziwill – agreed, saying she "left this reunion feeling gross."

"It's hard to sit there and just let some of the other cast say just a load of bulls---," said Radziwill, adding that de Lesseps "just makes up a story."

Frankel said she did not restrain herself when it comes to confronting the lies at the reunion.

"I think I might be joining Bernie Madoff in a jail cell," she joked in the clip, which was previously spotted by via People. "I think they might come take me away in an orange jumpsuit. I definitely did not hold back on the reunion."

When asked how gangster she gets on a scale from 1 to 10, Radziwill rates Frankel a 12. "I've never seen you so – you were O.G. OMG," said Radziwill.

"Something happened at the reunion that set me off to the point that I saw red and did not come out of the flames for the whole entire day," Frankel promised. "I was on fire. I was lit up."

"The reunion is going to be a little bit of an insane ride," she detailed. "I definitely took some hits this season. People were messing with my business and I was definitely a pitbull. I thought I'd be calm at the reunion, but I was more of a pitbull or rottweiler.”

"I texted NeNe [Leakes] and said 'Sweetie – open your legs to married men because I’m comin’ in.' " she joked, referencing the Real Housewives of Atlanta star's infamous attack of Kim Zolciak-Biermann during their season 1 reunion.

For what it's worth, it sounds like de Lesseps survived the blows just fine: "LuAnn held her cool and just sat there and let it wash over her because that's really worked well for her," Frankel said. "I do care about the hypocrisy or the lying. I don't really care how LuAnn lives her life. I do like her better when she's owning it."

As for the other Housewives? "Sonja [Morgan] was Sonja with a side of sanity," Frankel said. "Ramona [Singer] was just Ramona, she's fine. Dorinda [Medley] did well and got away with a little bit of murder in my opinion."

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Photo Credit: Bravo