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Ana Quincoces Is Expanding Her ‘Skinny Latina’ Brand!

Ana Quincoces returned to reality television this year when she was a contestant on the twelve season of  Food Network's Food Network Star. The former Real Housewives of Miami star has been dominating the food world, not only with her cook books and cooking skills but also with her Skinny Latina brand.

Skinny Latina is a marinade cooking sauce that can be used for your cooking pleasures. Durinng a recent interview, the mother-of-two revealed that her Skinny Latina brand will be expanding adding new flavors and products.

"Skinny Latina is expanding its line and will launch a Guava Fig BBQ Sauce, A Mango Apricot BBQ Sauce, and 3 new table-friendly Latin inspired hot sauces in the next month," she told Univision.

Ana on what makes Cuban food so delicious and tasty.

"A little known fact about Cuban food is that there is no heat in Cuban cooking. But there are layers and layers of flavor that usually start with our “sofrito” made with the holy trinity of Cuban cooking (garlic, bell pepper, and onion). Cuban cooking also embodies great textures and the right amount of acidity. It’s very balanced and very easy to make comfort food. And best of all, it’s usually better the next day," she says.

When asked what is her favorite Cuban dish to cook, the lawyer turned chef didn't hesitate to share her favorite platillo (dish). "I would have to say arroz con pollo: Cuban-style chicken and rice, avocado salad, tostones, maduros, flan, and a cortadito, of course.," she says.

Ana also revealed that she's working on new cookbook and teases a few new projects in the works. "A new book, a new dry spice line, and a couple of top secret projects! Stay tuned!"

Back in July we suggested Ana that it was time to release a new cookbook, and she replied with the following statement: "Funny you should say that! Just got a call about that &the title came from social media! Imagine that. #silverlining," she wrote.

For more information on Ana's Skinny Latina marinade brand, please visit her official website here!

Photo Credit: Bravo