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Amber Marchese's Husband Jim Continues To Bash Bravo And Teresa Giudice; Blames Teresa For Why They Left RHONJ!

Jim Marchese continues to talk smack about Teresaa Giudice and The Real Housewives of New Jersey. The husband of Amber Marchese has recently revealed the real reason why the couple decided to leave the Bravo hit reality series — blames Giudice’s criminal background.

“They really crafted it to be a story around Teresa Giudice and we were really brought in for the purpose of being around that storyline,” Jim told Radar Online about his time on season six. “And so that was the direction, and for me, I didn’t know these people. I would have no reason to talk to them, to interact with them other than the fact that that was our job for the show.”

Marchese previously claimed that he believed producers brought him on to help explain Giudice’s legal troubles because of his background as the CEO of MortgageNOW.

“I was done with the show when they decided to try to make a felon like Teresa Giuduice a martyr,” he said. “That disgusted me and I was very public about that.”

He continued: “Amber was looking forward to possibly doing season two,” Marchese confessed. “We obviously wanted her to be treated better, but we were told ‘yeah you take your knocks year one’ and there was a potential.”

“But I told them with no uncertain terms I would not be back on the show if they were gonna glamorize Teresa,” he insisted. “She’s a felon. She’s a criminal.”

“You don’t live in a four million dollar house, have half a million dollar tax lien, your husband’s in a federal pen and you’re living in a mansion,” he slammed. “That to me sends a really bad message to America. It disgusts me.”

“If they wanted her, I was not coming back,” he quipped.

He added: “They did exactly what I thought they were going to do,” he concluded. “They glamorized her — I mean she had a new Lexus in the driveway!”

“You shouldn’t glamorize a criminal!” he slammed. “You just shouldn’t.”

Photo Credit: Bravo