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Sonja Morgan: “Ramona And Her Stinger Are Not Going To Affect Me This Time”

Sonja Morgan is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Sonja continues to struggle with Ramona Singer and cannot wait for Tom and Luann's wedding.

Sonja writes:

"Miami it is, and it's great to be near Palm Beach where Luann lives! I can’t wait until they get married so it actually happens and nothing blows it up. I always keep a serious man under wraps. No one knew about my ex-husband until the wedding invitations. Too much he said/she said. Also so I can see Luann again! She's been MIA!

Jules needing shoes is hard for me to believe but OK!

So glad Carole got advice from Brynn and is coming to Luann's engagement party. She really took the high road apologizing, and she should be there.

Ramona and I arriving in the airport is classic me. Carrying her extra luggage is the norm. I always wear two hats because if I put them in a box I may leave them behind, on the plane or through TSA. Lu giggling on the yacht makes me happy. She is in her element.

I love Luann's face when Ramona says Tom was out and Luann grabbed him. She is in looooooove. I am loving this whole thing. Luann is impervious, and she is on her yacht.

Ramona is so tacky grabbing my drink. I'm not addicted to alcohol. Remember when I was able to sip champagne and wine in Turks and Caicos? Then Ramona is still mouthing off and being judgmental about exactly what she does: drinking and acting inappropriately. So I have stopped altogether. I would like to see her give up her steady Pinot habit. So rude. When did she become so high and mighty?

I am cracking up. Ramona and her stinger are not going to affect me this time.

I didn’t give Lu and Tom's story to the press. I gave no comment as she asked. I never comment on divorce -- BTW tacky.

Well, hang on until next week. I don’t trust myself. I need a rabies shot. We need to get Luann down the aisle."

What do you think about Sonja’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo