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RHONY Recap: The Countess Bride [Episode 16]

by: Sam Allan

This episode was had a fun energy, but still had hints of shade! We started off with everyone (excluding Luann) going to the casino and girl was it fancy. Even though they were only there for one night, of course there was fights over the rooms, mmm chile! Bethenny and Carole dished about Sonja and Jules, and Sonja and Jules dished about Bethenny and Carole! Jules' skinny ass vowed that she ain't ever telling Bethenny anything ever again, damn girl okay!

The girls all got dinner, and I have to say Sonja looks so much better when she's not drinking! Bethenny did a headstand and girl we nearly saw her Hello Kitty! Luann was busy getting engaged and proved that she really doesn't care about these bitches from New York. The ladies gambled, Ramonja finally got back together and danced - and chile it was hilarious!

After a short trip away we went back to the Big Apple! Carole and Adam discussed their future and where they will be in a year. Awww, I think they are so cute together and she's so happy being his boo! Carole compared everyones relationship status from the group and she thinks she is the happiest, damn okay! Adarole? Is that a good ship name? Mmm, chile!

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Photo Credit: Bravo