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RHONY Recap: The Benefits Of Friendship [Episode 14]

by: Sam Allan

This episode started off with an explosion of colour - the colour being red. Bethenny wore a red wig to promote her new line of Skinny Girl chocolate. Damn, this bitch just makes her company bigger and bigger and thats what I like to see.

Ramona were back at it again! Both Ramona and Sonja did a dance class together, girl this is too funny. Lets just see how long it takes Ramona to turn on lil Sonja again! Sonja is our girl and we believe she'd know how to Whoop It Up! Vicki Gunvalson style.

One of the housewives with a vagina issue was Jules. She went to her plastic surgeon to look at her squashed muffin, mmm the mess! She said she doesn't identify with her beaver and that she needed help with her lips down south, this is too funny chile!

The B of NYC once again went over her vagina issues and found a new doctor (rather than one of her jewish doctors) that told her not to do the surgery.. shady boots! She then invites her most "supportive" friends over to spread the news and then her skinny ass went IN on The Countess, along with Carole and Ramona and Carole is STILL talking about the apology - girl bye! During this whole bitches who brunch session Dorinda was sitting back sipping the tea, literally!

After Miss Dorinda ditched the bitches she ran on back to her homegirl Lu. She spilled the tea on how Ramona isn't a good friend. I mean lets be real, I love me some time on the Ramona Coaster but she shades Luann and Sonja and then three seconds later is up their ass? I mean whats the deal. The mess. Dorinda told Lu that everyone is ganging up on her and Luann thinks its because she's got a man. Mmm chile this is so silly, however all of the New York Housewives are single and maybe Lu has a point?

*And may I please add, Dorinda did an amazing job pretending to be Ramona! I mean YASS HONEY, PRAISE!

Finally we get to Dorinda's dinner, I feel like this is the first time all the Housewives have been in the same room all season! Ok so first off, Jules low-key hinted that she's down for anal? Mmm chile. Carole and Luann are past their beef and were talking (even though it was a little awkward) and Bethenny was giving major shade to Luann, yass honey we see you! Lady Morgan than entered the room and Bethenny FINALLY said in her confession that she can forgive Sonja! Praise chile! When the Singer Stinger walked in all the ladies were chatting in NYC fashion, and I gotta say it reminded me of vintage Jill Zarin days! Ramona threw a bitch fit for attention and Luann confronted her about the tea Dorinda had given her. Sonja let out her bombshell that she was Friends with Benefits with Luann's Tom. Mmm this tea is good. By the end of the episode Luann stormed out because no one was happy for her and we were left with TO BE CONTINUED!

Next Time, Jules finally stands up for herself, the ladies head to Connecticut and Sonja and Bethenny finally have their shady talk!

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The Real Housewives of New York City Season 8 airs Wednesday nights at 9/8c on Bravo. For International TV Listings click here!

Photo Credit: Bravo