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RHONY Recap: All Bets Are Off [Episode 15]

by: Sam Allan

Damn shade got thrown and feelings got hurt on last night's Real Housewives of New York City. Mmm, the claws came out and we were drinking that tea!

We picked up where it left off with Lu storming out of the restaurant in true Housewives style. After she left Ramona went in on Dorinda because she told Luann what Ramona had been saying. Dorinda didn't back that shit up and she told the truth, yes Doris! All the women were talking about Luann and then Ramona starts texting her an apology? Mmm, we see you! Aww and how cute was Sonja about her "relationship" with Tom, you get that Sonja!

Jules didn't like that all the girls were talking about Lu and she went IN on Bethenny. It went from talking about each others vaginas to Jules' eating disorder in a second! Jules finally found her voice and girl, I'm impressed! She found a verb! B has a good sense of humour and I think Jules just isn't use to it, but then Bethenny told Jules she finds it "uncomfortable" to be around her because of her own mother. Mmm chile, this is good tea! Anyway, Ramona came out of no where and suddenly planned a trip with all the girls? HA! Only Ramona things!

The day after Ramona and Luann met up and BAM shit got real on the street! They both had bones to pick about the night before and how Ramona dated Tom, but Lu said she doesn't care because it was BL (Before Lu), Mmm okay honey! There's been so much drama about Luann's boyfriend and we only seen him a few times, damn! After Ramona and Luann's blowup on the street they left in each others arms? Only the New York ladies can do this!

Carole, Bethenny and Dorinda caught up to watch Adam cook and to spill the tea on the night before. Carole and B both think that Jules has alienated them after she yelled at them. Girl bye, I think she finally got it out and everyone should discuss the issue and move on! Is it just me or is Bethenny beefing with nearly everyone!

Sonja hosted a dinner party with Dorinda and Jules. Jules set her skinny ass up on a blind date, Mmm maybe Jules needs to set herself up with someone because she's newly divorced and lord with the way Michael treats her I can see why, chile. Anyway, Sonja comes in with thigh high boots to see her date and serves honey! As it turns out Sonja has already met him and damn I think Sonja's getting laid tonight!

After this crazy episode, Ramona finally takes the girls on the trip she planned! Everyone excluding Luann get on the party bus filled with wine and head for Connecticut! Mmm yass honey! Sonja is having fun and making everyone laugh. The girls all dished about Luann's engagement - which they all found out about through the media, Mmm the shade! B and Sonja finally made up which gave me life, because these two are actually good together! However Bethenny still has beef with Jules and talked about her with Dorinda and HELLLOO Jules could hear! It was too funny, chile!

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Photo Credit: Bravo