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RHONJ Recap: A Very Hairy Christmas [Episode 2]

Well after last weeks emotional episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey it was good to see a bit of joy (and shade) in these ladies lives.

We started off with Teresa settling in at home, with her lawyer making a statement. Jacqueline, Dolores, Melissa and Joe Gorga all cried watching his statement on their phones. (Our girl Siggy wasn't in this episode but she comes back next week!) Jac and Dolores discussed her and Teresa's friendship and Jac low-key shaded Tre about her new car. Mmm, shady boots!

Teresa and the Giudice clan took photos for a magazine, since they are running low on money. Mmm, Teresa do you remember all the drama that happened last time you were in the magazines? Okay boo! After their shoot they headed over to Joe and Melissa's for Christmas Eve. Now okay chile, Teresa finally was reunited with her brother, mother and father and to be honest it was kinda like nothing ever happened. At the dinner table Joe Giudice didn't know that Jesus was born on Christmas? Okay boo, you do you! Melissa and Teresa talked in the kitchen. They both said that they didn't stand up for each other and Teresa talked about how everyone put her onto Gilligan's Island. No offence Tre, but you out yourself there. Finally came to some sort of truce after 3+ years of fighting.

We saw Dolores in her therapy session and we found out more about the Jersey girl. Dolores' sweet heart has been unlucky in love twice now, after two different guys played around on her ass, and she use to be a cop? I already like this girl, and can tell already she is Real Housewives material. Dolores decided that now its her turn and girl am I ready to see Dolores this season!

Jacqueline and her daughter Ashlee have come a looonggggg way, girl! They finally get along and Ashlee has a boyfriend! Ashlee wants to move out of home so her and her boyfriend can fool around, we see you! She also gave us way too much detail about Jac and Chris' sex life. Mmm, girl bye!

Dolores and Teresa caught up for manicures and it was Dolores' birthday? And Teresa didn't know? Girl that was so shady. Who doesn't know when their "good friend" birthday is? They talked prison and how it was for Tre. Teresa wanted to do something for her birthday and when Dolores suggested inviting Jacqueline, Teresa's face threw that shade! Melissa and Joe also talked about her knew boutique and he wants her ass home. Mmm, he said he don't want a part time wife! Gorga please let Melissa live her life!

We finally get to New Years Eve and this was full of tea to talk about! First of all, did you see how Gia was dressed? She is 14 okay? 14!! She wanted to go out with her friends and Joe Giudice was pissy at her, but I see that. Its gonna be his last NYE with his family for a long time. Teresa invited her "closet friends and family" but left Kathy and Jacqueline to have their own party. Mmm, okay. Milania was sleeping under a chair, mm she so funny! Teresa decided to call Jacqueline in which could be the most awkward phone call ever! They wished each other happy new year and when Teresa heard Kathy and Rosie there she threw that shade and told her to take the phone of speaker. Damn, ok. Poor Rosie said that Joe Giudice her buddy doesn't talk to her since Tre has been back and that she doesnt know what she did. Aww, we love us some Rosie!

Next week, Dolores throws her birthday party (with Siggy there), Jacqueline and Teresa finally come face to face after 2 years and Melissa gets drunk? Mmm, we can't wait to get the tea on the housewives next week!

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 7 airs Sunday nights at 8/7c on Bravo. For International TV Listings click here!

Photo Credit: Bravo