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RHONJ Recap: Leopard Is The New Black [Episode 4]

by: Sam Allan

This weeks episode in Jersey started off with everyone starting their day. Melissa's kids gave her sass. Dolores' son went to work and Teresa was back into the routine with her kids but couldn't even walk them to the school bus because of her house arrest, shady boots.

Jacqueline stressed out about Teresa's phone call for ages but finally decided to go and see Teresa face-to-face after 2 years. It was super awkward chile, but the two frienemies talked through their downfall of their friendship and decided to move forward and have a fresh start. Tre did some yoga, Jac talked about her son and Lucy and Ethel were back together again! Before Tre had to rush to an orthodontist appointment - we see you Teresa!

Siggy went over to Dolores' because she's helping redo her house that she got from her divorce from her husband that is still her best friend? Siggy is a breath of fresh air in Jersey and girl she just wants everyone to be happy, chile. Jacqueline came over and it was like the three amigos with these girls. Jac dished to the girls about her meeting with Teresa and they both so happy that Jac and Tre are having a friendship together.

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Photo Credit: Bravo