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RHONJ Recap: Jingle Bells And Prison Cells [Episode 1]

by: Sam Allan

After almost two years The Real Housewives of New Jersey returned and it was iconic. Damn girl, this episode had all the mess and shade that's needed for a perfect reality show recipe, and this season doesn't even include a Manzo sister.

The episode started with our homegirl Teresa coming home from prison, but then flashbacks two weeks before her shady arrival home.

We saw Melissa start building her new boutique Envy, however her husband Joe Gorga isn't too pleased about this. No no honey. Joe has a more 'Italian' approach and believes his wife should stay at home. Girl, bye! Melissa has also become extremely close with Joe's parents with Teresa being in the clink.
Side note: I'm glad Melissa and Joe moved back to their old home. Maybe its something to do with Tre being in jail. Mmm we so shady!

Jacqueline is still dealing with her sons autism and helping him with it, however thats not the only thing going south with her husband loosing his business and now they are low-key poor, mmm chile. Her daughter Ashlee moved back home and it looks like they are past their beef, and Ashlee has a job and a boyfriend. Yass honey!

Jacqueline then introduced us to the new girls Siggy and Dolores. Dolores is old school New Jersey and is friends with OG's Caroline, Jacqueline, Dina and is a Paterson girl like Teresa, so you know she knows how to throw down. She has a sad lil backstory about her ex-husband but now she's back on her own two feet and opening a new chapter in her life. The other newbie Siggy is full of life, and isn't even Italian. She's jewish and is friends with our homegirl Wendy Williams, how you doin? Girl she made us laugh from drinking her soup with a straw!

Juicy Joe is the mom of his household and girl I think he's just about over it! His four daughters are crazy and the oldest Gia is serving some serious attitude.

Jacqueline threw a Christmas party but not before Joe has a shower and didn't care if the cameras were there, damn though. Melissa also threw a lil shade at Teresa's sprinkle cookies drama! At the party Jac discussed Teresa's release with Melissa. Both Jac and Melissa got notes from Teresa (and both impersonated her perfectly) but weren't approved to meet her in jail, the mess! Kathy and Rosie were also at the party and I miss these shady sisters.

At the end of the episode Gia tried to get all the girls in line, true Jersey style! Once again Miliania gave us life! Teresa finally came home and had to avoid the paparazzi.When she saw her daughters and her husband, it was so real, I mean I got goosebumps chile! However after all the hugging and crying the girls went off to school? Yeah, I know!

Word on the street is that this season will be AMAZING with the Teresa vs. Jacqueline beef heating up and all the housewives giving their all to the reality show!

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 7 airs Sunday nights at 8/7c on Bravo. For International TV Listings click here!

Photo Credit: Bravo