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RHOC Recap: Boogie Fights [Episode 5]

by: Sam Allan

This episode was iconic! We started off 48 hours before Shannon's crazy 70's party. Shannon and her adorable family were out shopping for costumes for the party and damn did it get awkward! Shannon's daughters had "the puberty talk" at school and asked David if he's ever had wet dreams. Mmm chile, it was cringeworthy!

It flashed over to Tamra and Kelly shopping and damn Kelly really does not like Shannon! She called her a debbie downer and talked about how Heather and Tamra have both had their issues with Shannon. Tamra and Kelly seem like they would be a good pairing but mmm I don't think it turns out like that...

Who knew Heather and Meghan were such fast and furious friends? Heather had to stab Meghan with the needle, chile I'd love to stab Meghan with something else! Meghan and Heather are going to Washington D.C. together so Meghan can give a speech on cancer? I don't know I was making popcorn at this point so I missed a lil bit, hehe. Terry is going away on Mother's Day and Heather is pissed so naturally fighting started.

Briana is okay after her health scare last week and her kids are so cute! Speaking of kids, Kelly took her daughter out to get her nails done and they are so cute together! Kelly claims she's a strict but fun mom. Mmm okay. Her daughter low-key shaded her about being too old for Justin Bieber but chile Kelly is my spirit animal, okay? After this, Meghan dropped her husband off at the airport, and cried about how he isn't "emotionally" apart of the IVF treatment? Meghan, he is a man - they are never emotionally apart of anything boo!

The 70's party finally started and the looks were to die and so messy chile! Eddie had a MASSIVE wig and Tamra low-key is kinky for it! Heather came as a rollerskating porn star, damn okay Mrs. Dubrow we see you! One of Shannon's "friends" threw shade at Kelly and her husband and Kelly called it a bitch move, yass hunni! Vicki and Kelly were wooping it up, Meghan "couldn't  stand", Terry low-key pushed Heather over and Tamra could only drink a little because of her training so this party is a semi success. Then Kelly told David he looks like a pedophile. HA! Okay boo! Terry and Heather finally talked their issues out and he said he's going to be home more, mm we've heard this before. We see you Dr. Dubrow!

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