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‘Manzo'd With Children’ Season 3 Gets A Premiere Date — Watch The Official Trailer, Cast Bios And More!

The Manzos are back! The former Real Housewives of New Jersey family are back for another fun season! This week, Bravo released the official sneak peek preview - so get ready for a new season full of love, laughter, and tears. Manzo'd With Children Season 3 premieres on Sunday, September 11 with back-to-back episodes at 9:00pm and 9:30pm. Watch the official trailer below!

via Bravo TV Official Press Release

The Manzo matriarch and her fun-loving Italian family are back, but with the kids all grown up, Caroline and Al Sr. are left to deal with the daunting and unpredictable question of…what’s next? Under the same roof are newlyweds Lauren and Vito as they stress over the timing of parenthood, their budding careers, and the fact that they still live in Lauren’s childhood bedroom. Now living in a sleek Hoboken bachelor pad, a newly confident Albie embarks on a journey to become his best self – conquering the gym and the boardroom – before his rapidly approaching thirtieth birthday. Across town, Chris will stop at nothing to prove that his first attempt as an author was no fluke. In search of new inspiration for his middle grade novel, thoughts of breaking away from his Jersey roots become increasingly tempting. To escape the pressures of their individual lives, the boys head to Las Vegas for some good old-fashioned guy time, and later, the entire clan drops in on their beloved bestie, Greg Bennett, for a crowded California road trip. When Caroline is faced with a serious health scare, the Manzos continue to find courage in their love and laughter. As everyone knows, when life throws this Garden State gang a curveball, they always come out swinging for the fences. For a sneak peek, please visit:

Caroline Manzo is the epitome of a strong New Jersey woman. Always putting family first, she is a devoted wife and mother of three children, Albie, 29, Lauren, 27, and Christopher, 26. Caroline has been married for more than 31 years to her husband Albert who runs The Brownstone, a very successful catering facility in Paterson, NJ. The business has been with the family for over 30 years and is one of the premiere event spaces in the state. Although Caroline spends the majority of her time managing the household, her family has been known to run her ragged as she supports Brownstone Sauce and Cafface Beauty Bar. Caroline is affiliated with several charities including SCTNOW, a foundation dedicated to stopping child trafficking within our own borders, CROC, a foundation dedicated to helping cancer survivors, Best Friends Animal Society, Wounded Warriors Project and The PG Chambers School, a NJ facility dedicated to educating children with physical and mental disabilities. Often described as a feisty spitfire, Caroline manages to have it all -- family, friends, and a career. In her opinion, that is what makes her a "Real Housewife" of New Jersey.

Albert Manzo runs The Brownstone, a very successful catering facility, which has been with the family for nearly 35 years and is one of the premiere event facilities in the state. Albert is 55 years old and has been married to his wife, Caroline, for over 30 years. They have three children, Albie, 29, Lauren, 27, and Christopher 26. In his free time Albert loves to golf and spend time on his boat. Albert supports numerous charity organizations but closest to his heart is the Wounded Warrior Project as well as Law enforcement and Firefighters in NY and NJ.

Albie Manzo, 29, is the oldest of the Manzo bunch and while he has always managed to keep his younger siblings on their toes, he is knee deep in his own personal and professional pursuits. Albie has always been an ambitious businessman, and as the sole creator of a new brand development company, he has invested in several different ventures from bar restaurants in Hoboken (Little Town Social, Ainsworth Hoboken) to his latest entrepreneurial endeavor in Colorado's cannabis scene. In what little spare time he does have, Albie enjoys spending time with his family and continuing in his search for Mrs. Right.

At 27, newlywed Lauren Manzo is enjoying married life while also juggling the management of her beauty bar, Cafface, which has just recently expanded, adding a hair salon. Lauren wed longtime Vito Scalia in July of 2015 with a beautiful wedding of a lifetime at the family-owned Brownstone with all of her loved ones in attendance. Between house hunting, adjusting to being a wife and running her own business, Lauren tries to deal with the craziness, all while still living amidst the crowded chaos at home with her family.

Youngest of the Manzo children and creator of the family's favorite pastime, the Ham Game, Chris Manzo, 26, always keeps his family laughing and having fun, no matter what. He has recently moved out of the Manzo household to a bachelor pad in Hoboken and has made a major career decision to purse his lifelong passion of becoming a children's book author. When he isn't busy with this brand new venture, Chris enjoys going to the movies and spending quality time with his parents, brother and sister.

Are you ready for the Manzo's return to Bravo?

Manzo'd With Children Season 3 premieres on Sunday, September 11 with back-to-back episodes at 9:00pm and 9:30pm on Bravo!

Photo/Video Credit: Bravo