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Leanne Brown Opens Up About Past Miscarriage: “It Wasn’t Meant To Happen”

Real Housewives of Cheshire star Leanne Brown and her footballer husband Wes have revealed the heartbreak they suffered when trying for a son. The couple opened up about devastating past miscarriage.

"After Lola we tried for a couple of years for another one, but I had an ectopic pregnancy and a miscarriage, so it came to the point where I decided it wasn’t meant to happen," Leanne told OK! Magazine via The Daily Mail.

The reality tv couple have daughters Halle, 13, Lilia, nine, and five-year-old Lola.

"Then six months later I got pregnant again. They found a heartbeat and asked me to go back, but I didn’t want to go back until I was 12 weeks," Leanne said.

"I convinced myself I was pregnant, but I went back and they said: ‘I’m sorry, it’s not grown."

Photo Credit: ITVBe