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Kelly Dodd: “As Usual, Vicki’s Arrival Elicited Some Snarky Comments And More Than A Little Tension”

Kelly Dodd is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Kelly Dodd talks about her anxiety surrounding dinner with the ladies and the party at her house.

Kelly writes:

"I hope everyone had a great July 4th holiday. We’re back this week and moving on, literally and figuratively.

Vicki is moving Briana back to OC, Shannon is selling her home and looking for a new place and a new start, Meghan is overcoming her biggest fear (needles) and focused on having a baby with Jimmy, Heather is choosing appliances for her incredible new dream home and Tamra is transforming her body and doing some soul searching with Mia’s help.

I hate long drives. I can barely take being in the car for six hours from the OC to San Francisco or Phoenix. Beyond that I get carsick and cranky. So, I don’t know how Vicki and Briana survived the road trip from hell. I think they persevered because it was important to have Briana back home in OC, where Vicki can help with the boys and get Briana reconnected with her health care providers.

Meghan’s home video for Jimmy was cute and endearing. I am proud of her for overcoming her fears and giving herself the first IVF shot at home. I wasn’t brave enough to do that myself. Thank goodness Michael was there to give me every shot.

When Tamra invited me to dinner with the ladies, I was a little nervous based upon my experience with them at Meghan’s home. So, when I found out Meghan wasn’t feeling well enough to be there, my anxiety doubled. Yikes! But, to my surprise, it turned out I was worried about nothing. It was actually a fun evening, despite the fact that Heather and I were both feeling under the weather. Thank goodness for tequila - the Mexican elixir. I guess Shannon has never heard of a hot totty!

Watching Heather pick out barbeques, icemakers, pizza ovens, etc. reminded me of all the fun Michael and I had choosing finishes when we renovated our house last year. For me, building a home is shopping on steroids.

The party at our house consisted of two parts. The first part in the afternoon at the beach was super chill. It gave us a chance to enjoy a beautiful day with friends and play some beach games like volleyball, horseshoes, cornhole, frisbee, etc. It turns out that all of the ladies have very competitive natures. As usual, Vicki’s arrival elicited some snarky comments and more than a little tension. In fact, it didn’t take long for Tamra to corner Vicki and beat her with the "you lied" drum.

I want to take this chance to give a huge shout-out to my close friend, Rebecca Tierney, who created the beautiful design elements you see featured at the beach. Likewise, our friends at The Tackle Box, who create awesome fusion cuisine in a beach setting at Big Corona, did a fabulous job catering the party."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo