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Heather Dubrow Weighs In On Shannon Beador's Explosive 70's Party: “The Whole Thing Was Insane And Painful To Watch”

Heather Dubrow is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County. Heather Dubrow weighs in on the wild '70s party and Kelly Dodd's "below the belt" comments about Shannon Beador.

Heather writes:

"Not really sure WHERE to begin with this week's episode?!?! Crazy right? I told you, this is the episode that sets off the rest of this season...

Before we get to the '70s party...Meghan has taken on a new role as a spokesperson for colorectal cancer with #FightCRC. I'm really proud of her and honored that she asked me to accompany her to Washington, D.C. to hear her speak on Capitol Hill. It's especially important to me because my beloved grandmother died of the disease. 

I was glad Meghan came over to hang out and have me give her her shot - the kids love her and I was glad she could help me explain what CRC is all about (Also known as: tushy cancer).

I feel bad that I basically attacked Terry when he got home about his travel schedule. Bad timing...I should have brought it up later, live and learn. I was just so annoyed that he wasn't fixing the schedule!

Shannon and David with their kids in the costume store is hilarious! Great place to talk about wet dreams! Haha! I thought they handled it very well! 

Brianna's kids are so cute! I loved watching Vicki help with them! Gave me such a laugh!

Ok, here we go...

The '70s party, first the good: The party looked amazing, Shannon did a great job! She had pet rocks, '70s candy, disco balls! We played quarters (who knew I could play quarters anymore?!?!!) and danced the night away! Well, in my case skated...what was I thinking??? No pads?? OY! I actually fell three times -- not bad for someone who hasn't been on skates in a long time! My butt had a HUGE bruise the next day! Hurt so bad! Lesson is champs and skating is NOT a good combination!

I had a great time with Vicki, like I said it feels good not to be the judge and jury anymore. I am happy with where we are at, and I am glad to have my friend back.

Terry! This was a nice moment to watch between us. I hadn't intended to have this conversation at the party, but it just naturally happened and I'm glad. I really needed to explain to him what he's missing, and I'm hoping it worked. I loved seeing in his interview that he gets it, he heard me, now let's see if he can fix it!

Now, the not so good...some of Shannon's guests were completely inappropriate. Jaci and Nina seem like they were gunning for Kelly from moment one. I was mortified by Jaci's comment to Kelly about being at Montage with a different man. It was classless and I thought Kelly handled it well. These girls were talking about Kelly for no reason, except to gossip. Having said that, Kelly's reaction was out of control. Calling Shannon average, ugly and Mrs. Roper was uncalled for, and it was especially disturbing that her husband Michael chimed in. I realize they were very drunk, but there's no excuse for that kind of behavior, especially the comment about the affair. Below the belt.

Then on the other side of the party we had David Beador going after Vicki. I realize she provoked him by making a comment about Shannon and he snapped. However there is never an excuse to speak to a woman that way. The whole thing was insane and painful to watch. The season gets crazier from here...You won't want to miss an episode!"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo