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Angela Stone And Louise Wallace Dish On The Real Housewives Of Auckland: “This Is Going To Be The Most Controversial Program”

The Real Housewives of Auckland are set to make their worldwide debut this August on Bravo New Zealand and the show's stars Angela Stone and Louise Wallace revealed what fans can expect from the new Kiwi reality series.

“This is going to be the most controversial program. I mean, people thought The Bachelor was controversial but oh my god, this is going to knock people sideways,” Louise told Woman's Day. It will be the watercooler story every week – every day!.”

"The show has all these kinds of colorful characters involved as well. I mean it is going to be amazing," said Stone.

And don’t think that our Kiwi spin-off won’t hold its own against the American versions because our glam girls aren’t afraid to ruffle some feathers, says Louise.

Lousie added: "And if you think that New Zealanders were going to hold back - No way"

Angela added: "There's a lot of drama. There's a lot of drama, there's no shortage"

“At any one time on the show there is somebody you’re not getting on with and somebody you think, ‘Oh my god, I never want to see that person again, I am sick to death of them,’ and then next week it’s probably been resolved and you think, ‘No, actually, it’s that person I don’t get along with!’” laughs mum-of-two veteran broadcaster Louise.

Joining Louise and Angela on #RHOAKL are socialite Gilda Kirkpatrick, author Julia Sloane, Champagne importer Anne Batley Burton and former Brit model Michelle Blanchard.

The Real Housewives of Auckland premieres sometime in August on Bravo New Zealand.

Photo Credit: Bravo New Zealand/Instagram