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Tiffany Hendra: “I Would Love To See LeeAnne And Cary Put Things Behind Them”

Tiffany Hendra is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Tiffany sets the record straight about Heidi Dillon's Cary rumor and hopes Cary and LeeAnne can put their issues behind them.

Tiffany writes:

"Hey ya'll, can you believe we are nearing the end of the season already with episode 8? This was a great episode full of humor, resolution and authenticity. I laughed out loud when I saw our convo with Brandi at the Hollman birthday party. I didn't remember Fi and I telling that pizza and jalapeño story. Note to self: Stop drinking while we’re all together because I seem to forget a lot or maybe just up my dosage of ginkgo biloba:-)

I want to thank you all for hanging in there with us through the laughs, tears, yelling, f-bombs, finger pointing and heartfelt moments. Speaking of heartfelt moments, the outpouring of love for Aaron's charity concert was so amazing. THANK YOU ALL! A few people speculated that I was behind the idea of Aaron dedicating "My Number One" to Brandi's brother Michael, but that was all Aaron's idea and it's been beautiful to see the conversation that's started around our military and PTSD. I pray we all continue to raise awareness, encourage our loved ones who are suffering to seek help and to be more supportive in general. Never miss the opportunity to express your love and appreciation to the #1's in our life. We often take the most important people for granted. It very well could save a life! That introduction to Dallas, definitely gave Aaron a boost toward calling Dallas "home".

Another heartfelt moment was experiencing the love in the room at The Grace Project during LeeAnne's speech. I was so proud of her and the message she shared! I couldn't help but break down in tears to see her stand up there and allow God to speak through her. She has a gift and to witness her using it to help others was so emotional. LeeAnne and I bonded all those years ago over similar broken pasts of sexual abuse so the message of letting go of the shameful labels we collect along our journey really hit home to me. I say we can use our pain for a purpose and she is doing just that and I couldn't be more proud! I get accused of defending to LeeAnne to my own detriment and turning a blind eye to her behavior, but I know all too well how that behavior is triggered. I have always taken the tough love route instead of trying to "fix" LeeAnne. She has done the same with me. It's not our job to try to fix someone else. I was glad Stephanie got to experience that day and see that beautiful side of LeeAnne.

I know the power of helping others while you're on your own path toward healing. That's why I started Sanctuary Of Style. There are so many women out there searching for outlets and resources to guide them toward healing and living in freedom. As we share our story, it creates a connection which women so desperately long for. Too many women are out there trying to go at this alone and feel disconnected from the world and from their own spirits. Women are powerful alone, but extraordinarily powerful when they unite forces. This is exactly the foundation of The Grace Project!

I love resolutions and was so happy to see Brandi and LeeAnne hug it out. They have SO much in common and sometimes the familiarity causes conflict. I'm hoping they can continue building trust and celebrating their commonalities. I enjoy hanging out with Brandi and with LeeAnne so I'm looking forward to the day we can all hang out and just be silly, keep it real and put all this BS behind us! We had a great time at Travis' birthday party and whatever specialty drink they made for the night was like truth serum. I seriously can't remember us telling that pizza story! SMH. But, as we know Brandi loves the subject of bodily functions and if it took that to break the ice with her then good! Like she's said before, "embrace sh-- people, we all do it" LOL!!

Cary was understandably cold since she got thrown to the goths- I mean wolves- at Heidi's party. I'm sure she was apprehensive about seeing the whole gang again! She does have the best RBF ever and I would have felt the same way she did after I saw episode 7. To set the record straight, I've gotten lots of crap over that incident. I didn't know ANYTHING about Heidi planning to put Cary on the spot at her party. Yes, I was taken aback when Heidi mentioned what gossip she knew about Cary when we had brunch. We didn't discuss Cary and add to the convo. Heidi made that one remark and proceeded to tell the story about how she got her first husband and worked for him. I didn't live here when Cary and Mark got married several years ago. When I moved to Dallas, yes- I heard the rumors, but it's none of my business! Even if it was true- I wouldn't judge Cary for her past because I don't want people judging me for my past either… and we all know how messy my past was. Get to know me for the woman I am today and I extend that same respect to other women. Now that LeeAnne has humbly apologized to Brandi and Stephanie, I would love to see LeeAnne and Cary put things behind them too. Cary commented that LeeAnne should apologize for throwing things- yes, even LeeAnne thinks that and that’s why she apologized to the other girls. LeeAnne knows I don't condone that behavior. Hell, LeeAnne doesn't even like her behavior and she's working on it. I'm proud of her for it. We all have to do the work. We are all flawed.

That's the thing I love about this group. We are strong, opinionated, smart, funny women and at the same time we are all beautiful messes in our own unique way. Perfection does not exist. Women are their most beautiful when they truly OWN who they are- the beautiful, messy and ungraceful parts too."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo