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Tamra Judge Is ‘Hurt’ By Vicki Gunvalson’s Vicious’ And ‘Defensive’ Comments!

The new season of The Real Housewives of Orange County has just began however the drama between Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge continues on and off camera. According to a new report, Judge is offended by some of the accusations made by Gunvalson.

During the season eleven premiere, Gunvalson slammed Judge, saying that she was betrayed by her over the Brooks Ayers cancer lie. According to insiders, Gunvalson's accusations deeply offended Judge.

"Tamra's feelings are absolutely hurt," a source told Radar Online. "She had a 'forgive and forget' mentality going into filming, but that's all changed."

"Tamra does genuinely care about Vicki," the source explained, and said she was "bummed out," by Gunvalson's vicious and defensive comments, especially after the Ayers cancer lie was exposed.

"There was no apology," the source told Radar. "There was more like pointing fingers. So she had to back off from the situation."

Apparently, Judge was ready to confront Gunvalson in the latest season, but she declined to start an all-out war over Ayers' scam. "Tamra has taken the high road and she is not responded to Vicki's bulls*ht," said the source.

Meanwhile, the source told Radar that Judge was a faithful friend to Gunvalson, despite their differences. "She truly did care about [her daughter] Brianna moving home and her health issues," the source said. "She was there. When Brianna was rushed to the hospital Tamra called Vicki right away. So she does have deep feelings for her."

Photo Credit: Bravo