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Tamra Judge Dishes On Her Current Relationship Status With Vicki Gunvalson And Shares Her Thoughts On RHOC Newbie Kelly Dodd!

To say that Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson have a dysfunctional friendship on The Real Housewives of Orange County is an understatement. Last season the former besties ended last season on a sour note during the reunion special. 

Despite the two playing it friendly on social media, Judge says that her friendship with Gunvalson is "non-existent" and shares her thoughts on newbie Kelly Dodd.

"My relationship with Vicki right now is non-existent because of something she did," Tamra recently told The Daily Dish. "I’m re-evaluating and realizing I don’t really need toxic people in my life that talk badly about me and my family and then call themselves my friends, so I am at a crossroads with her."

After last season's drama surrounding Vicki's ex Brooks Ayers and his cancer diagnosis, Tamra said she was hopeful that they'd be able to move past that once filming on Season 11 began. However, she now says that "too many things have happened" for them to ever be friends again.

"It’s hard because she has been on the show for a long time. Her and I have been together for how many years?" Tamra said. "She was fun at times, but I don’t know. Sometimes, you just have to cut the evil out."

Not only will Tamra and some of her RHOC castmates have a hard time with Vicki in the upcoming season, but she also said that newbie Kelly Dodd is responsible for most of the conflict.

"I think that shaking things up is an understatement when it comes to her. I have personally never met anybody like her," she explained. "People say, ‘I tell it like it is.’ This girl doesn’t care whose feelings she hurts. She’ll tell it like it is. If she thinks you’re ugly, she’ll tell you you’re ugly. There’s zero filter. That obviously has caused a lot of trouble with a lot of people on the show. So she probably has conflict with every single one of the cast members."

"There’s no way to explain it other than to see it. I was fine with her and then she looked at me one day and said, ‘Shut up, dumb f***.’ And I just went, ‘That’s how she talked to me when I was nice her.’ I said, ‘What are you doing? Why are you talking to me that way?’" Tamra said. "And it wasn’t even a fight. She was just like, ‘I’m sorry.’ I really think she’s like a fifth grader. She can’t get her words out. She just attacks people."

Judge also opens up when the ladies experienced a sand dune accident while camping in Glamis, California in early April.

"We went out on a run, and it was really a freak accident where I went off a dune and my front tire was turned the wrong way, and I landed on the front right tire, and we slipped. I remember we landed on the tires after we rolled," Tamra recounted the frightening moment. "I remember getting out, and it just happened so fast, I didn’t even know what happened until I saw the footage. It was really scary."

After the accident, Vicki was airlifted to a local hospital, which Tamra said is the normal procedure and would have happened to her too, but they decided to drive her to the hospital instead of waiting for the helicopter.

"They checked me out, did a CT scan, and gave me some pain medication for my back and sent me on my way," she said, adding that she also had a mild concussion. "So for two weeks, I was just kind of dizzy and tired and it was hard for me to focus. Other than that, I had some pre-existing issues with my lower back, so that kind of flared up a little bit. But they gave me muscle relaxers, and I was fine in two weeks."

As for the new season of RHOC, Tamra teased "lots of drama" to come in Season 11. "I think it’s gonna be more dramatic," she revealed. "It’s definitely gonna be a season like we’ve never had before."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo