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Stacey Forsey Dishes On Upcoming RHOCheshire Season 3 Reunion Special: “I Think It's What The Fans Have Been Waiting For”

During a recent interview with Female First, Stacey Forsey opens up about her family and the upcoming Real Housewives of Cheshire reunion special. Forsey says she's nervous about her reunion and addresses her friendship with Dawn Ward. Check it out!

Female First: You joined the Real Housewives of Cheshire this series - how have you found the response from fans of the show?

Stacey: Everyone's really positive, there's a fantastic buzz and I've been getting amazing comments from the fans.

FF: How difficult or easy was it to adjust to life with cameras following you around?

Stacey: The cameras were a little nervewracking at first but I slipped naturally into it fairly quickly.

FF: What did your family think of you taking part in the show?

Stacey: My family are amazing, my incredible husband has been really supportive and there for the kids.

FF: There will be a reunion this year for the first time ever - what are your feelings like going into that?

Stacey: I'm feeling quite nervous in the run up to the reunion but excited - the fans will love it. I'm really looking forward to meeting Brian Dowling and I think it's what the fans have been waiting for.

FF: You had a bit of friction at the beginning of the series with Dawn - do you think you can be good friends going forward?

Stacey: I like Dawn, but I think I'm best just keeping my distance and seeing how things pan out. I hate confrontation, so I think that's the best way to be.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire airs Monday nights at 10:00pm on ITVBe. For International TV Listings click here! 

Photo/Video Credit: ITVBe