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Report: Josh Waring Threatened To Stab His Wife Before Attempted Murder Arrest!

Lauri Peterson's son Joshua Waring is currently facing seven charges in attempted murder case after allegedly shooting a man in the torso in Costa Mesa, California. But according to court records, Waring’s wife filed for a restraining order over claims he threatened to stab her. Full details below!

Hannah Waring filed for annulment or dissolution of the couple’s seven-month marriage on September 21, 2011, claiming Josh’s drug and alcohol abuse and violent outbursts had made her life a living hell.

Requesting a temporary restraining order, she wrote on the documents, “I’m terrified … I fear my family, myself, or my belongings will be hurt or destroyed.”

Josh had “threatened my family and threatened me,” she wrote, claiming he “got into a physical altercation with [relatives] and threatened to stab my family…”

In court documents obtained by Radar Online, she claimed her car was “broken into and the contents stolen … also vandalized with the word slut!”

Hannah cited her reasons for the requested annulment and TRO: “Daily conflict. Drug/alcohol abuse. Destruction of personal property. Constant manipulation, lying, cheating and the inability to change obsessive behavior. Extremely,controlling, possessive and jealous.”

A temporary restraining order was eventually granted to cover Hannah and several members of her family, and Josh was ordered to stay 100 yards away from them all.

The annulment request was dismissed in January 2015, however, because she never sent Josh a summons, according to court documents.

Photo Credit: Facebook