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Luann de Lesseps: “I Tried To Ignore Bethenny’s Attacks And Carole’s Negativity Towards Me”

After her big blow up with Bethenny Frankel in the Berkshires, Luann de Lesseps is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's dramatic episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Luann feels like Carole Radziwill and Bethenny enjoy torturing her and makes it clear that she's not interested in the same men that Ramona Singer is in.

Luann writes:

"Why do the girls care who I date or what I do with my private life? I’m living my life the way I choose and as long as I don’t harm anyone in the process, I say “chic ce la vie!” Dating is a game and flirting is part of it, but I’ve never tried to steal a man away from his woman. The fact that I have so many great girlfriends is proof that I respect other people’s relationships and that I’m a loyal friend. Sometimes, I think the girls confuse morality with jealousy. I am proof that you can get divorced, have your children go off to college, and then find true love again as I have with Tom. In the Berkshires, Bethenny tried to torch me with her words but I didn’t let her get under my skin. She looked like she felt terrible when she woke up the next morning with a cruelty hangover. She’s just an angry person, and there is nothing I can do to change that. I don’t let her words get to me, and I hope that after this tirade, she leaves her anger at the door.

Dorinda is an amazing hostess, so I wasn’t surprised when Santa came to visit us. Who doesn’t need a wine glass that can hold an entire bottle of wine? Speaking of whine, let’s talk about Ramona saying that I hit on men she’s interested in. That’s just a joke. Ramona’s the one interested in the man I’m dating, which is very different than me being the man-stealer. This trip to the Berkshires was a complete disaster and as much as I tried to ignore Bethenny’s attacks and Carole’s negativity towards me, eventually I couldn’t hide my frustration. How many times do I have to apologize to Bethenny and Carole? They obviously enjoy torturing me. I keep taking the high road even if it means repeating myself. In a final show of disrespect, Bethenny and Carole skipped out early and left their room a mess. I’m sure Dorinda was happy to see their taillights.

I was happy to go to Ramona’s holiday party to hopefully spend some quality time with the girls. I felt fabulous in my Countess Collection jumpsuit, and I wasn’t going to let the same old arguments ruin my night. What about Ramona hitting on her chef? And I’m the flirt?! LOL.

Sonja promised Ramona and me that she would talk to Bethenny about her “Tipsy Girl” brand name, but she came to Ramona’s party late and Bethenny, true to her word, didn’t want to see her or talk to her. I understand why Sonja is frustrated with Bethenny, but I can also see why Bethenny is upset with the name “Tipsy Girl.” It’s a little too close and I suggested to Sonja that she change the name to something else. Sonja needs her friends more than ever, and she truly is lonely without her daughter at home. I feel her pain, and I understand how this is a scary time for her. She feels excluded by the other girls, and I think she’s had it with their judgmental attitudes. We all have our flaws! I think Jules is doing a great job navigating these tricky waters with a smile on her face and great attitude. Does anything fluster her? I thought it was adorable when she said Dorinda’s sleepover was the best 24 hours of her life! What mother can’t relate to that? It says a lot that she can relax amongst all this emotional chaos while finding the silver lining in what was for me, a very stressful weekend."

What do you think about Luann’s blog?

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo