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Jo Jordan Says ‘Dublin Wives’ Ruined Her Life: “I Feel Like I Lost Everything From Doing That Show”

Dublin Wives star Jo Jordan has revealed that the show that made her a household name ruined her life and turned her into a recluse. She claims that life after the show wasn’t as she had imagined. “I feel like a wreck after the show. I feel like I lost everything from doing that show," she told the Irish Sun.

“I’m still getting invitations but I can’t bear to go out because I felt I gave away too much in that show, I was too honest.”

“Everywhere I go, people talk to me about Dublin Wives. It’s left me not trusting anyone. I regret giving away so much about myself.”

“Dublin Wives was all fake t**ts and big dresses. It was all complete and total b****x. The viewer was never going to see what was going on in our lives,” she told the Irish Sun (reported via Irish Independent).

Jo revealed that she wasn’t prepared for fame and that her time on the show changed her for the worse.

“I signed up for Dublin Wives because being a mum at 16, it seemed like it would be craic. I had a baby at 16, and I was this was my time to have a bit of fun.”

“But the spotlight it brought me...I didn’t deal with it well, and the celeb world it showed is useless. None of it is real.”

“People remember me on Dublin Wives as bubbly, but I’m not bubbly anymore. I’ve been through some really hard times.”

The mother-of-two said that she hopes to leave Ireland in the future and begin a new life in the United States with her sons, Gavin (26) and Joshua (12).

“If my kids went with me, I’d be gone because they are the most important thing in my life,” she admitted.

The 42-year-old reality star split from her businessman husband of five years during the show and suffered a heart attack earlier this year, which she says was brought on by “stress and heartbreak.”

The TV3 reality show aired for two seasons and total of eight episodes in 2012 and followed the lives of five Dublin socialites - Jo Jordan, Virginia Macari, Lisa Murphy, Roz Flanagan and Danielle Meagher.

More than a quarter of a million viewers tuned in to watch each episode. There had been plans for two more series but they were abandoned when TV3’s Director of Content Ben Frow, who commissioned the show, returned to the UK.

Photo Credit: VIP Magazine