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Gretchen Rossi Calls Out Heather Dubrow On Instagram Following RHOC Season 8 Uncensored Special — Find Out Why!

On Monday, June 13, Bravo aired The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8 Uncensored Special. The cast reflected and discussed what really went down behind-the-scenes. Following the special, Gretchen Rossi took to Instagram and called out Heather Dubrow. Find out below why!

During the show's original run, Rossi surprised then boyfriend Slade Smiley with an engagement proposal followed by an engagement party where only family and their closest friends were invited.

Rossi's RHOC cast members felt like she faked her engagement to stay relevant on the show, which Rossi has denied repeatedly. Heather and some of the other cast members expressed they wished Rossi had invited them to the engagement party but it was revealed that producers did not want the RHOC girls to attend, so what's the drama about?

Following the uncensored special, Rossi took to Instagram and called out Dubrow claiming that the actress already knew producers didn't want any of the RHOC ladies at the party.

"@HeatherDubrow why would you lie about me not wanting you guys at the engagement party when I actually forwarded you the email from the producers showing that they made the decision not to have you girls come because it didn't match their storyline? #notcool I have the response from you saying "honey, its a TV show, they need to do what they need to do" #RHOC #Dontmakemepostthemails," wrote Rossi.

Heather Dubrow fired back at Rossi

"Well, @gretchenrossi interesting that out of everyone (and it was everyone) that commented on your storyline you have chosen to single me out :) I have always been honest with you and with my life on RHOC. What was I supposed to write to you ? "You're a liar Gretchen ??? ". The season was over and I was just trying to smooth things over since you wouldn't let it go. ALSO, as you know this was a very long interview that pieces were shown. You've commented that things you said didn't get shown. Same with me. You could have called or texted me to ask, but instead chose to blast me on social media," wrote Heather

Rossi replied to Heather and expressed her reasons why she decided to call her out via social media. 

"@heatherdubrow I forwarded you the email 15 days after my engagement because Tamra said you guys were hurt I don't invite you guys. You saw with your own two eyes that Producers were the ones that didn't want you girls there. For you and Tamra to say that I didn't want you guys there, is a flat out lie and you both knew it. You played it to your guys benefit to make me look bad. I expected it from others but not from you. I would have no problem texting you but what good does that do me? The lies about me would still be out there. YOU went on a national TV show and smeared my name along with others, so I have every right to call you out publicly as well! Would you have to my defense and say, "she's right it was producers"... had I texted you? Probably not, because they are paying you. I ask what would you do if they blatantly lied about you and tried to make you look like your relationship was fake and made up for TV? Your email says you were sooo happy for us, so was all of that "a lie"? You say you have always been honest with me, but now your saying "what was I supposed to say, your a liar".......If that's how you felt then yes! But don't claim you have always been honest with me when clearly you were not being honest. At some point it becomes to much, I'm sick of being everyone's escape goat. I'm done. IF posting the email showing all of your guys lies is what I have to do to clear my name then so be it.," wrote Rossi.

Rossi added: "@heatherdubrow also why in the world did you and Terry take us out to dinner and give us an engagement gift from Tiffany's if you thought it was so fake and made up for TV? Was that you guys being fake?"

Who's side are you on? Are you #TeamGretchen or #TeamHeather? Sound off in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Bravo