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Giudice Family Attorney James Leonard Jr. Gives An Update On How Joe Giudice Is Doing In Prison: “Joe Is Doing Fine”

Joe Giudice is going on completing three months of his 41-month prison sentence, which he started on March 23. According to a new report, he's doing his best to stay positive, and taking notes from his wife, Teresa Giudice, who completed her sentence in December.

"Joe is doing fine. I know he misses Teresa and his daughters very much, but he is strong and he will get through this just like Teresa did," the Giudice family attorney, James Leonard Jr., told E! News.

He also clarified that any rumors about Joe being held under maximum security or mob protection is "absolutely fiction."

He also revealed that Teresa has remained strong for her family during Joe's prison sentence.

She is "a rock for [Joe], as he was a rock for her," Leonard recently told E! News. "They're a very strong family and they're holding together the best they can."

However, things have gotten a little difficult as a judge decided to reopen Teresa's bankruptcy case. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star and her husband were originally sent to jail on 39 counts of various fraud, including bankruptcy fraud and bank fraud—charges that stemmed from a bankruptcy filing in October 2009 that they subsequently dropped in 2011.

They inevitably plead guilty to the multiple federal charges in 2014 and were both sentenced to time in prison, time which Teresa already served. But, despite their current payment plan, the total debt stemming from their initial 2009 filing has yet to be completely paid off, seven years later.

Thus, Giudice's bankruptcy attorney Carlos J. Cuevas confirmed to E! News that U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge Stacey L. Meisel decided the proceedings would be reopened last month.

"Satisfied means paid in full in my book," Meisel reportedly told Cuevas in court. "There may have been a satisfaction of a number of creditors... but the fact remains that creditors still exist."

Cuevas said, "A lot is going on, so stay tuned."

Photo Credit: Bravo