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Christa Billich Confirms She Won't Be Joining The Cast Of The Real Housewives Of Sydney: ‘They’ve Gone For Something Less Refined”

Christa Billich was highly rumored to be joining The Real Housewives Of Sydney, but Christa Billich has officially confirmed that she will not star in the upcoming Foxtel reality series after producers opted to cut her from the cast-list.

The Austrian, who is the wife of flamboyant Australian artist Charles Billich was amongst potential candidates for the new Foxtel reality show after being featured on several episodes of The Real Housewives Of Melbourne series, she's close friends with Gamble Breaux and Gina Liano, two of the show's main cast members.

It was reported that Breaux allegedly refereed Billich to producers but sadly she didn't make the cut. According to The Daily Mail, producers have whittled down the list of Sydney based socialites, with one of them being Christa.

‘They could have gone for a fine European flavour but instead it appears they’ve gone for something less refined,’ she told The Daily Telegraph after producers opted to cut her for the upcoming Sydney installment.

Billich is not the only Sydney socialite cut from the upcoming Foxtel series. As we previously reported, Imogen Anthony failed to make the cut however, Amanda Cameron, Gordana Willesee and Tali Jatali are reportedly in the running to join the show as the three have been spotted together.

Photo Credit: Foxtel