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Tiffany Hendra: “I Do Not Allow Liars Into My Inner Circle”

Tiffanny Hendra and LeeAnne Locken confronted Marie Reyes on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Tiffany Hendra took to her Bravo Blog to explain why he needed to tell LeeAnne the truth about Marie's texts and addresses the "pooping in the pants" story.

Tiffany writes:

"Hey everyone and welcome to episode 6! I need to go put on my boots because the BS is getting deep on this one. A certain person needs to go grab a towel because she still has a bit of BS on the edge of her mouth. There's many things I can't tolerate and one of them is lying. Liars are people I don't give energy to and it frustrates me to have to do it now. They don't deserve my energy. But here's my two-cents on this episode...

It was time to deal with this situation head on especially after blowing up at LeeAnne. I hope we never get into it like that again. Ever. For my soul sister to accuse me of not having her back after a year of protecting and defending her, I knew it was time to reveal some things to her. It's like pulling the curtain back and showing who the Wizard of Oz really is. The truth hurts, but eventually sets us free. At first, I was trying to be respectful of their friendship because I've been gone for 16 years of their 20 year relationship. I had received many judgmental texts about LeeAnne and the text that broke the camel's back and forced me to show LeeAnne everything said that LeeAnne was "talking sh-- about me." Oh reeeeeeally? Now you have my full attention. I'm a "go straight to the horses mouth" type of gal and had to tell LeeAnne about these texts. Fi and I don't talk behind each other's backs. I hated to have to show her all these texts, but it was time. I printed them out because it's easier to read a hard copy black and white than scrolling through a phone. Plus, I know that in the heat of the moment we could have a brain fart and forget what was written. Some of texts were psychoanalyzing LeeAnne's behavior at her cocktail party and I did sense the concern, but why not go to LeeAnne instead of me? I don't do the "gang up" on someone thing if that was her agenda.

I didn't engage much in this texting because I didn't have a relationship with this person. I merely knew her through LeeAnne and saw her briefly when I would come in town for Fi's birthday parties. That's why I found it strange that she would send me such long texts. That's not my style of communication so I didn't like to engage. I pick up the phone if I have a problem instead of texting a novel.

Speaking of LeeAnne's birthday party about 12 years ago, I would like to address the 'pooping in her pants' story. It was like a slap in the face to hear Taylor admit that this person had told him the story. WHAT??? For months after that cocktail party at Stephen Pyles, we repeatedly asked this person why she would tell him that story. She would deny every time. Well, there were only three people in the car that night- LeeAnne, her and I. Again, glad I'm wearing boots because the BS is getting so deep in here. Sorry to be bringing it back around to the topic of poop, but I do have a point. Liars will ALWAYS be found out! This person kept denying that she did NOT tell Taylor that story and then BAMM!

After all this, I thought LeeAnne needed closure. She was so hurt and seriously shaking when we got out of the car at this person's house. That's why I grabbed her hands and said a prayer with her to calm her down. Prayer is necessary when you're stepping into the Liar's Den...I mean Lion's Den. Is it fun to reveal the truth to your bestie about one of her other so-called besties? HELL NO, but this had gone on long enough. I went into this meeting seeking the truth! It angered me even more when LeeAnne broke down crying. She hates for people to see her cry and I know she was even more pissed because we weren't getting the truth that we went seeking. When this person blatantly lied and said Brandi never said anything to her about LeeAnne -well, that totally confirmed the type of person we were dealing with. It's dangerous behavior when someone can sit two feet away from you and lie directly to your face.

The closure we went there for was not found. My heart broke even more for LeeAnne because we both knew that she was walking out of there with one less friend. After 20 years, I'm sure she was angry at herself and wondered how she could allow someone in her inner circle to pull the wool over her eyes for so long. God works through people and perhaps God used me to reveal some things and be a messenger before something more dangerous happened. The last thing I want to be part of is my Fi losing a friend, but maybe this person felt a bit threatened by my returning to Dallas and taking away her time with LeeAnne. In a perfect world without egos and agendas, we could have all been good friends, but I do not allow liars into my inner circle."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo