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Stephanie Hollman Weighs In On Brandi And Bryan Redmond's Sit-Down!

Stephanie Hollman is sharing her thoughts on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Stephanie is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on her husband's bad taste in decor, her son's updated bedroom and weighs in on Brandi and Bryan Redmond's conversation. Check it out below!
Stephanie writes:

"It was so fun to watch Chance's face again when he saw his room update for the first time. A year before, I removed the baby bed and updated Cruz's room. Both Chance and Cruz loved Cruz's new nautical themed room. I wanted Chance to feel just as special with a themed room. He loves and excels at sports, so a sports theme was an easy choice. I secretly worked with interior designer, Donna Strain for months through completion to the big reveal so it would be a big surprise for Chance.

Travis loves to be involved in planning, but always at the last minute after I have put a ton of time and thought into a project. I always give him an opportunity to give his opinion, but I usually get my way. Travis is an incredible business man and leader by nature. Sometimes I feel like he forgets that I don't need him to manage things in my life. I would love for him to sit back and just let me take the lead with things around the house like decorating. He always ends up loving it.

Reliving Chance's excitement when he saw the room was something I cherished, it actually made me tear up a little. Travis custom made the locker that doubles as a nightlight. We use the locker drawer as toy storage so they don't lock each other in it. I am so happy Travis loved the room, it made me feel proud of a job well done.

Travis was raised with a mother who worked as an interior designer. She has impeccable taste. He truly believes that he was genetically gifted the decorating gene. It drives me crazy because he buys some crazy artwork and furniture that doesn't go with anything and them randomly places it throughout the house. The statues outside are a total eye sore. The only good thing about the statues is the fact that it makes it easy for people to find our house. The warrior statues are like bad company that will not leave because Travis loves them. I decided one day to just embrace them so I named them after my favorite superstar duo Oprah and Gayle. I dress them up and make them a big deal. Travis secretly loves the attention they receive and it always cracks Brandi up.

I felt guilty about the barbecue and wanted to apologize to Brandi that Travis was with Bryan. I knew Brandi was hurt that Bryan was late getting there and since he arrived with Travis, I felt some of the responsibility. I felt like her and Bryan needed a date night to connect and talk. They both work so hard that I thought their talking things out during a romantic dinner was a great idea. I felt sad and uncomfortable watching the dinner. I feel like she was hurting and he felt attacked and put up walls. I love this couple and wanted them to have a magical evening together. Looking back I realize that my advice was not the best, but it came from a good place."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo