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Stephanie Hollman: “I Could Tell That Brandi Was Hurting And Felt Awkward In The Situation”

Stephanie Hollman is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Stephanie Hollman dishes on that two million dollar ring - and how she wishes she had told her husband Travis to bring Bryan home.

Cary writes:

"Watching this weeks episode was surreal. It was one of those nights I hope to forget! Everything happened so fast. I thought LeeAnne Locken and Tiffany Hendra had left so was shocked when Tiffany came back in. I thought maybe Tiffany wasn't able to catch LeeAnne before she drove off. Looking back on the episode, I honestly don't think I even heard her apology because I was still in a state of shock at what had just happened and all I could think about was wanting to go home to my family. As I watched their heated argument it hurt me to see friends shove each other and speak to each other like that. I felt bad for both of them. Tiffany has been gone for so many years, came back home hoping for a new start and relaxing life, but appears to have taken on a new job of coach and mediator. She has to be emotionally exhausted from continually coaching LeeAnne to try to keep the peace and defending LeeAnne to us when she goes off on us. I was amazed that LeeAnne questioned Tiffany's loyalty because Tiffany has done nothing but defend her and try to get the rest of us to see "the LeeAnne she knows." They were both hurting and it was hard for me to watch. Even though I don't trust or feel safe with LeeAnne, I don't want to see her hurt.

Travis and I work very hard at our relationship. He is an amazing man! He is a good listener and helps me put things into perspective. I love that about him. Telling Travis about the insanity the night before was therapeutic for me. I always feel protected and safe with him and that's what I needed. I felt loved and acceptance at that moment.

Travis is quite the sentimental romantic. He loves making memories and doing things that bring us closer together. We love looking back at pictures of special moments and telling our stories to our sons. Of course, we always weave them into the stories to reinforce our love for them. We are family! We work hard at being the encouraging voice of truth in one another's life.

Travis was so thoughtful to drive the Rolls Royce for our seventh anniversary. We both loved the car and were excited to use it for our wedding. A few years ago the owner decided to sell it and Travis bought it immediately. I thought It was one of the most romantic gestures as a heart felt reminder of our special day. On our wedding day, we were intoxicated by the love of family and friends, beautiful music, the smell of fresh flowers, the heartfelt vows of commitment and tears of joy. Everything was perfect!

It was like a dream. There was my handsome husband taking me for a drive in the Rolls Royce. When we got to DeBoulles, I knew I was in for a treat. We buy all our jewelry from them because they have spectacular pieces. It was sweet for Travis to remember that I had mention wanting a new bracelet many months before our anniversary. This bracelet is gorgeous and something I will always treasure! I still pinch myself to make sure it isn't a dream. The bracelet is a token of Travis' love for me and when I wear it my heart swells and basks in the warmth of his love and kindness. I'm the luckiest woman alive! I must admit too that it was a bit overwhelming to try on a two million dollar ring. It was absolutely beautiful but - I'd be terrified to wear it out of the house. I wouldn't feel safe with it on!

I felt so honored to be invited to meet Brandi Redmond's grandfather. This was a special moment for her and she was including me in a huge milestone for her family. Her grandfather is a big man with a sweet heart. I loved visiting with he and his wife. They are precious people. As I watched the clock and saw my dear friend becoming more perplexed, my heart broke for her. But then when travis called saying he was with Bryan, a part of me panicked. I kept asking myself if I had told Travis how important this was and that this was the "first" time Brandi would see her grandfather! Did I explain to him that she was too young when she last saw him to remember him. We were waiting on Bryan and I just wanted them to get there as fast as they could. When they arrived, I realized that they had had a some drinks. I felt uncomfortable and awkward. I wanted the experience to be an amazing family memory for Brandi. I could tell that Brandi was hurting and felt awkward in the situation. It was like watching a slow motion car crash and there was nothing I could do to fix it."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo