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Sonja Morgan Calls Out Ramona Singer For Being A Bad Friend And A Liar!

Sonja Morgan and Ramona Singer have always been besties. However, this current season of The Real Housewives of New York City the fun duo known as #Ramonja have not been able to agree on anything and seem further apart than ever before.

In last week's episode, the two women got into an argument after Singer told Morgan that she wasn’t invited to Bethenny Frankel‘s party. On top of that, Singer confessed to Morgan that she recently had been distancing herself from her because she didn’t want to be associated with her.

In a recent interview, Morgan revealed that Singer’s comments seriously hut her feelings and calls out her bestie for stirring the pot.

“I should be used to this by now,” Morgan told Radar Online. “I don’t know why I am hurt by Ramona’s comments because it’s always her calling the kettle black. She loves to stir the pot. But at everyone else’s expense.”

“It’s never ok to shame a friend by saying they’re not invited to another friend’s party,” Morgan explained.

“I knew Ramona was lying on the spot,” she said. “Bethenny would never bird dog a message to me through Ramona. If she had something to say, she would say it to me directly.”

After reflecting on the situation, Morgan considers Singer’s attack inconsiderate.

“I’ve been a loyal, apologetic friend standing up for Ramona’s antics for decades,” she noted. “People ask me how I can be friends with her all the time, and I always point out the best I know in Ramona because friends stand by friends through thick and thin.”

But instead of acting like a true friend, Morgan feels like Singer had ulterior motives.

“If anything, Ramona should be very proud of me as I have succeeded through my past adversity and now have developed my swimwear, fashion and jewelry line, Sonja Morgan New York.” Morgan concluded, “She should be happy for me, not picking on me.”

Lady Morgan also took to social media to call out Ramona for lying and for throwing her under the bus.

"I'm no victim and I'm very strong. Ain't no mountain high enough. I remember when I first came on the #RHONY scene and Ramona was at her lowest. Really having a tough time with her co stars and viewers. I lifted her up and made people see her good sides," wrote Morgan on her Instagram page.

She added: "Shaming me by saying I wasn't invited by a friend I could just pick up the phone and ask if I could come was just hurtful. On top of it we found out once again it wasn't true what Ramona said. It's mean spirited to put others down to make yourself feel superior or to just create drama because you need it to feel something. I always have stood by Ramona and stood up for her."

 Photo Credit: Bravo