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Sonja Morgan: “Bethenny Speaks Her Mind--Wrong Or Right--But Deep Inside She Cares”

Sonja Morgan is taking to her Bravo Blog to dish on last week's episode of The Real Housewives of New York City. Sonja Morgan shares her thoughts on Bethenny Frankel's BBQ party and Jules Wainstein's brunch.

Sonja writes:

"Listening to Bethenny say everyone is invited to come to her place in the Hamptons every day and open to everyone was getting me so excited, then I realized I wasn't going. I'm really missing having fun and laughs with Bethenny. I'm always interested in her shindigs, as I am someone who enjoys event planning and because she's a mentor to me. My daughter is off to boarding school and this was the first weekend open for parents, so I needed to be there. Lu invited me to stay with her, but I couldn't. I had regretted not seeing Bethenny over the summer when she invited me to stay with her and her daughter, but my daughter wanted every last minute with me at our home where she grew up before moving out.

Seeing Jules' house I was thinking I could really get in there and help with the renovations! Oy! John is being so stubborn. These are Dorinda's friends. I'm cringing. I wish I was there to break the ice. And then a straight apology is in order. To everyone. Not a "Hey Bethenny, come here!" I'm dying. To a woman at her own home. Ramona pulls the rip cord and is out of there. Wise. He made those awful comments about her, too.

You could cut the tension with a knife, especially when Lu arrives. I have to say Ramona was NOT stirring the pot and looking gorgeous. But I gotta say a little bit of Sonja could have spiced this party up. At least I could have made some people laugh. It was like Braveheart. Or Gladiator. Or Game of Thrones!

When B says, "We just got into it a little again," you got to understand B's way. That's a little for her. I feel bad this is Bethenny's best birthday ever. She has had a lot on her plate lately. She put a lot of effort into the party, and it was a disaster. Almost! She and Dorinda came to a good conclusion. They care enough about each other to get over this. I know Bethenny speaks her mind--wrong or right--but deep inside she cares.

Jules' home is beautiful. I remember when I first married and was excited about building homes together to have family and friends over for the holidays. These are cherished memories I will never forget, but it's not about the size of the home.

See you next week. Where you see Ramona, my BFF, getting dramatic again. Of course it has to do with the B!  Xo"

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo