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Ramona Singer Explains Why She's Calling Out Sonja Morgan On Her Drinking!

Ramona Singer and Sonja Morgan haven't been able to see eye to eye this season of The Real Housewives of New York City. Now, Singer is taking to her Bravo Blog to explain why she waited this long to call out Sonja Morgan on her drinking. Check it out below!

Ramona writes:

"I did not write last week's blog because I was in New Zealand!

I am so close to Sonja, though it does not seem so at this time. I do care about her so very, very much. Sonja has been through so much in the past five years with her divorce and working out her lawsuits, and I understand why at times she would drink. When I'm good friends with someone, I protect them to the end, and I'm there for you no matter what.

I have been so there for Sonja for everything, but at some point I have to say my enabling her wasn't the best thing and now I feel it is time to call her out on her behavior for her own protection. I have known Sonja for years. We have been great friends for a long time. When you have close friends and you care about them like a sister, you become concerned about their life choices.

We all drink socially on and off the show, but when someone is showing a constant lack of control of their own behavior and are not being themselves, it's time to say something. What do I do when all her friends are noticing it and are now alienating her? When you love someone so much, do you keep your mouth shut? When you see someone spiraling down, there is no choice in my mind but to speak up.

Sonja, at times, doesn't react well to alcohol. Due to my talk with her, she stopped drinking during our Christmas break and now is back to the Sonja we all love.

Luann and I are in the best place we have ever been, so much so that I supported her by attending her jewelry launch. I was the only lady from our group to attend, even though all the other 'Wives were invited. Luann graciously gifted a necklace design of hers I liked. As a good friend I put it on immediately and was photographed by the press wearing it. I have extremely sensitive skin and after an hour it became irritated from the necklace. I brought it to Luann's attention, and she said she would return it to me once fixed. You can imagine my surprise on my birthday when she gave me the same necklace she already had gifted me for attending her event.

What was more shocking to me is Bethenny, who she has had little contact with, presented a purse right in front of my face at my own birthday party! To say I was hurt is an understatement. Luann, who always claims she has the best manners, did not show it by what she did. I just made joke of it and told her how I felt. It was pretty obvious she was more interested in impressing Bethenny at my birthday party.

Sonja has always told me when Luann is around they stay up to the wee hours of the morning drinking together, and many times when on vacation with them, I've had to drag Sonja away from Luann to make sure she would stop and go to sleep. Luann would get angry at me for this, and that's why I questioned the healthiness of Luann living with Sonja.

So again, I am just saying how I see it, and it's difficult at times to express yourself in a politically correct way with certain subjects."

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Source/Photo Credit: Bravo