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Lisa Vanderpump Surprises Daughter Pandora With New House For Her 30th Birthday! — See Pictures Here!

It must be nice to be Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd's daughter! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules couple gifted their daughter Pandora and husband Jason Sabo with the down payment on a fully-furnished home for her 30th birthday.

The Daily Mail reports that Pandora burst into tears once she realized the beautiful Los Angeles home - which her parents had decorated exactly to her taste - was hers. Pandora said she thought she was just going to a dinner party at the address and had no idea what her mom had in store. "I cannot believe as I walked in - thinking I was going to dinner - that my mother had poured her heart and soul into the most perfect house I’ve ever seen," she told The Daily Mail.

Pandora said it was a 'completely overwhelming surprise' and admitted she 'cried profusely' when she saw the stunning home. "I could tell that every little display, piece of furniture and layout was designed with me in mind."

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Pandora also said that it finally made sense why her parents had asked her 'a myriad of questions over the last few months'.She said they would grill her on things such as 'what kind of couch would you have if you owned a house?' and 'what kind of kitchen would you like?'

"The attention to detail and reflection of my taste is utter perfection and the fact that she did this all by herself in so little time is astounding," added Pandora.

The home features a large open planning living and dining area, a large outdoor entertaining area with a pool and an enclosed lawn and courtyard.

A pink bow on the front door greeted guests, and there were pretty floral arrangements throughout. Pandora said her mom is as "a force of nature and the most giving, generous, unbelievably hardworking person I know."

"My father’s touches on the house too were the sweetest present I could dream of (like a much longed for piano!) and the fact that my parents dedicated so much time and effort to this for me makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world."

"They’ve helped Jason and I start our dream life in our dream home and we cannot wait to live in it!' said Pandora." The birthday girl also wished her mom a happy mother's day, saying "I love you!"

Vanderpump told The Daily Mail it was a dream come true to be able to give her Pandora and son-in-law Jason a helping hand. The Bravo reality star and animal rights activist said the gift was partially a thank you for Pandora's help planning Lisa's upcoming World Dog Day.

"It’s a parent’s dream to be able to give their kids a leg up in this world," said Lisa. "Especially when your kids are hard working, altruistic and good-hearted. They’ve been working diligently on their business, LVP Sangria, and supporting our Vanderpump Dog Foundation and many charities."

She added: "Pandora has been so helpful in setting up our World Dog Day on May 22nd and also launching her Charity Market, so for me to organize this for them was a pleasure."

Lisa made it clear that the gift was a down payment and that the mortgage is now Pandora and Jason's responsibility.

'This was a gift to both of them to celebrate 5 years of marriage and both of their 30th birthdays," said Lisa. "But they do now have a mortgage, so this is a gift that definitely comes with responsibilities!"

Source/Photo Credit: The Daily Mail, Pandora Vanderpump